Macron: It doesn't look like Trump will stay in Iran nuclear deal

French President Emmanuel Macron believes US President Donald Trump is leaning towards getting the US out of the Iran nuclear deal. The US leader is not ready to go back on his pre-election promise, Macron told media.

“My view — I don’t know what your president will decide — is that he will get rid of this deal on his own, for domestic reasons,” Macron said during a press conference at the George Washington University.

While the Trump administration and the US leader himself are often blamed for their reaction-driven and inconsistent foreign policy, Macron said that he considers Trump to be predictable.

“When people say President Trump is not predictable, I think the opposite, he is very predictable,” Macron stressed.

“Look at his campaign commitments… [Trump] repeated in his office two days ago… that this was the worst deal ever — it’s nightmare, it was a catastrophe, and so on and so on,” he added.

The fact that he appears to be unable to change Trump’s mind on the deal, which has been hanging in the balance for over a year, does not mean that the trip was a failure, Macron said, noting that his goal was to push for a new, much broader agreement that would include Iran and the US.

“I want to be the honest broker of the situation,” Macron said.


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