Kwame Brown Warns NBA Draft Picks, Beware the Gold Diggers!

Kwame Brown Warns NBA Draft Picks… Beware the Gold Diggers!

6/23/2017 12:45 AM PDT


Kwame Brown knows all about the pressures that come with being a top NBA Draft pick — he was #1 overall in 2001 — and he’s dishing out his best advice to Markelle Fultz and co. 

First things first, Brown says his #1 experience was different from everyone else — because right after he was drafted by the Washington Wizards, Michael Jordan came back as a player … and Brown says it got in the way of his development. 

“My situation was unique and it’ll never happen again … unless LeBron James owns a team and then he comes back and plays at 40.”

He continued, “Elton Brand [and] a lot of guys that were #1, they were given the keys to a team and told ’em to drive … I was never given the keys. I was given the [junker].”

Beyond that, Brown drops some pearls of wisdom for the new NBA rookies — especially when it comes to protecting that wallet!

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