Jon Gruden’s son, Deuce, is a junior world powerlifting champion

Jon Gruden is one intense dude, so it should come to no surprise that his son is a world powerlifting champ.

Deuce Gruden, whose birth name is actually Jon David Gruden II, won gold in the junior 183-pound weight class at the IPF World Classic Powerlifting Championships in Belarus on Monday.

The 5-5, 180-pound Gruden squatted 600 pounds, bench pressed 418 pound and deadlifted 638 pounds.

“When Deuce qualified, we made the decision to travel to Minsk together to support him and to visit a place we’d never been,” Jon Gruden told ESPN. “These championships feature so many great athletes and lifters from all over the world – some real competitors and grinders. To earn that medal and be the best is special. It doesn’t get any better than watching your son accomplish something like this.”

Deuce was a former running back at Lafayette and currently works with his uncle, Jay, as an assistant strength and conditioning coach with Washington.

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