Jay Mohr Drops N-Bombs In Bizarre Boosie Badazz Twitter Rant

Jay Mohr Drops N-BombsIn Bizarre Boosie Badazz Twitter Rant

6/6/2017 3:15 PM PDT

First Bill Maher, now another white comic is dropping the n-bomb — this time, it’s Jay Mohr who used the word twice in a Twitter rant about rapper Boosie Badazz

Mohr was reacting to an interview Boosie did describing how he witnessed fellow prison inmates engaging in anal sex. Boosie made several homophobic comments during the interview.

Jay tweeted about the interview — pointing out Boosie’s gratuitous use of the n-word.

“LIL Boosie says N**ga 19 times but twitter accusing him of Being homophobic,” Jay wrote.

Mohr then weighed in on a separate Twitter conversation — in which one commenter called another commenter “corny.”

Jay wrote, “This n**ga just got called corny.”

For the record, Jay has been using the n-word in his stand-up routine for years — and has never really taken heat for it.

But now, with the backlash against Bill Maher — and the fact he’s dating Lakers owner Jeanie Buss — is it the best idea to be using the n-word so cavalierly??

Jay’s not backing down.