‘It is NOT up to us’ Donald Tusk SCATHED by Polish politicians over comments about Trump

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Donald Tusk was criticised by Poland’s Foreign Affairs Minister Witold Waszczykowski

The scathing attack came from Witold Waszczykowski, the Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland, who said it was not up to European politicians to intervene.

Mr Tusk penned an open letter to the leaders of Europe ahead of a summit on Friday, where he warned of the dangers facing the EU.

In this letter the head of the EU Council warned some of the decisions made by the American administration were “putting the European Union in a tough position”.

Mr Waszczykowski said: “We are, quite frankly, slightly concerned with Donald Tusk’s words.” 

He underlined that Donald Trump was elected under legal and democratic conditions, and had the right to pursue his campaign programme.

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Mr Waszczykowski told Mr Tusk it was not his place to intervene and judge American democracy

He added: “It is not up to us, to criticise this programme, because it was chosen by Americans and will be realised for Americans.

We are, quite frankly, slightly concerned with Donald Tusk’s words

Witold Waszczykowski, Foreign Affairs Minister of Poland

“If we have any objections to President Trump’s foreign policy, then we can deal with them through direct diplomacy with the Americans.”

“Any warnings and talk of democratic values are out of place.”

Mr Tusk’s letter was also criticised today by the Polish prime minister Beata Szydło.

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He made it clear that President Trump was legally and democratically elected

She said: “It encourages me in the belief, that Donald Tusk is representing the political elite that brought crisis upon the European Union.” (Could link this to the other story)

An informal EU summit held this Friday on Malta, will centre around issues concerning migrant movement through the Mediterranean, as well as establishing co-operative measures with Libya.

Asked about the migrant crisis, and new legislation surrounding asylum seekers Mr Waszczykowski  said Poland is under no obligation to take in refugees.

Polish prime minister Beata SzydłoGETTY

Polish prime minister Beata Szydło condemned Mr Tusk’s letter to European politicians earlier today

“Poland follows international conventions, and of course, if anyone at Poland’s borders wishes to seek refuge, they have the right to file the appropriate documents for asylum status.”

He added: “This does not change, however, no EU member state or European country is under obligation to take in migrants who move from one country to the next, to make their material status better.”

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