ISIS jihadi generals ‘arrested as they ran away from Mosul battlefield’

The two terrified terrorists were discovered escaping western Mosul as the US-led coalition moves in to cut the vile terrorists out of the heart of the city.

One is believed to have been one of the twisted caliphate’s top booby-trapping expert, while another was a general administrative official.

The pair are believed to have been fleeing from the city’s Yarmouk district to the town of Qayyra 50 miles away.

But the unwitting jihadis were quickly caught, with Iraqi forces having surrounded the city three days ago.

Last week the Iraqi Prime Minister declared the end of ISIS after his forces captured the al-Nuri mosque in Mosul where their horrific campaign to control the middle east began.

Using an alternative name for the terror cult, Iraqi PM Haider al-Abadi declared “the end of the Daesh state” after the capture of the mosque in Mosul.

The terror cult declared a caliphate from the mosque in 2014.

One of the Iraqi soldiers operating in the country to wipe out terror tyrants is Falah Aziz, who calls himself the “butcher of ISIS” after decapitating 50 jihadis during his campaign of revenge.

The ISIS slayer, who posts pictures of himself carrying the severed heads of vile jihadis on Facebook, claims to have beheaded scores of the twisted terrorists and killed at least 130.

Footage of Falah Aziz on the battlefield shows a man shouting, “This is the man who slaughters ISIS!” as the jihadi slayer coldly adds, “This is your blood, you dogs. I swear every Muslim is worth a thousand of you”.

The terror killer claims his motivation is revenge for his fallen brothers, civilians and soldiers killed at the hands of brutal ISIS insurgents.

He said: “My specific wish is that I slaughter them.

“As they slaughtered my brother I slaughter them.

“They’ve driven us to this. What they have done has killed our compassion.

“Finding your brother slaughtered, or your mother slaughtered, what are you going to do?”

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