Hundreds of baby chicks hatch from thrown-away eggs in Georgia (VIDEO)

Hundreds of eggs, abandoned at a dump site in Georgia, have hatched to free a swarm of newborn chicks. The emergence of the little tweeting babies has been filmed by locals, some of whom took the birds home.

The eggs were reportedly thrown away by a local poultry farm in the small city of Marneuli, southern Georgia. The eggs were considered spoiled, but all of the sudden hundreds of chicks hatched.

Locals filmed the birds running through the dump site and published the video on social media. As the video went viral, some soft-hearted users wondered whether the newborns were all right.

However, the Marneuli mayor was quick to assure people that some of the chicks had found a new home with locals. He also explained that the warm temperature at the site and its rocky landscape had created conditions similar to a hen sitting on the eggs, allowing them to hatch.

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