Hijab victim wants better anti-bias training at NYC schools

A Bronx second-grader who made headlines when a teacher ripped a hijab off her head joined the state’s top education official Thursday to call on the city to improve anti-bias training for school staffers.

Safa Alzockary, 8, was in class at Public School 76 on May 2 when substitute teacher Oghenetega Edah, 31, told her to remove her hijab, officials said.

When she refused, Edah pulled the covering off her head, bringing the scarf down across her face and causing irritation to her right eye, police said.

Edah wasn’t charged with a crime, but he was fired over the incident.

Substitute teacher rips hijab off 8-year-old Bronx student’s head

“He said, ‘I want to see your hair,’ ” Safa said at an afternoon press conference at the New Settlement Community Center in Mount Eden.

“I never expected him to do that, ever,” she added.

Police and the city Education Department are investigating the student’s allegations.

Edah couldn’t be reached for comment.

State Education Commissioner Betty Rosa said the incident shows the city needs to bolster diversity training for school staff.

“This is the kind of issue we need to collectively address,” she said. “Our differences need to be respected and understood.”

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