Heroin ring that laced drugs with animal tranquilizer busted

Authorities took down a heroin distribution ring on Wednesday that allegedly laced their product with an animal tranquilizer and cocaine, state prosecutors announced.

Christopher Quinones and nine others were charged in an 89-count indictment in Brooklyn Supreme Court after police seized over 600 glassines of drugs that included heroin and ketamine — an animal tranquilizer also used as a club drug.

“Dangerous drug trafficking rings like what we have allegedly uncovered during Operation Times Up threaten the safety and stability of our communities,” state Attorney General Eric Schneiderman said.

Quinones, the alleged ringleader, stamped the glassines with the words “Times Up” as his calling card and pushed the laced drug throughout the state.

AG’s office busts 25 dopes in dirty heroin ring

Wiretaps caught the defendants discussing their drug transactions in a cryptic, coded manner with the hope of avoiding detection by law enforcement, referring to heroin as donuts and cocaine as cookies, prosecutors said.

As police honed in on Quinones on Wednesday morning, he attempted to flee from the roof of his building, according to a law enforcement source.

“Heroin is killing Americans at an alarming rate. The ten arrests made this morning on heroin-related charges in New York City is the precision policing that saves lives,” said Police Commissioner James O’Neill.

All the defendants were charged with criminal possession of a controlled substance and conspiracy.

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