GERMANY NO-GO ZONES: Merkel faces lawless society after open-door immigration

Police Union chief Rainer Wendt claimed authorities are unable to enforce the law thanks to the rise of dangerous no-go zones caused as a result of mass immigration.

In a scathing attack, he demanded German politicians get crime levels under control or risk “police-free zones in Germany”. 

The police chief said the no-go areas could end up being ruled under criminal laws or even Sharia law, rather than those set out by the German government.

He added: “The year 2017 must be a year of law enforcement. And indeed the most consistent prosecution for those who believe not to abide by the laws in Germany.”

In a bid to combat crime, Mr Wendt suggested the government boost its technology usage – including installing more CCTV cameras in public areas so police can stop crimes before they even happen.

By linking it to facial recognition software, officers would also be able to better identify suspects.

Many police officers have denied the existence of no-go zones – but Chief Commissioner of Criminal Investigation Ralf Feldmann said the situation was very real. 

He claimed three members of the Kurdish-Lebanese community told him last year “the police would not win the fight with us because we are too many”.

As many as 40 places have been named as no go zones in confidential police reports, according to a report by US think-thank Gatestone Institute.

The pockets of lawlessness have deeply upset communities with some witnesses to the violence claiming the problems are being exacerbated by the German government, which has relocated hundreds of thousands of asylum seekers and refugees into these areas.

In Sweden, police have been forced to admit that there are at least 55 areas where they are almost completely unable to enforce the law without needing extensive support from other officers.

While Czech President Milos Zeman warned Muslim migration will create “excluded neighbourhoods” free from police control.

He claimed there were obvious examples all over Europe which showed Muslims were not willing to adopt European laws and customs or integrate into Western society.

The anti-immigration left-winger claimed, instead, many were choosing to live in Muslim-dominated no-go zones and were putting fellow citizens at risk.

He said: “Look across Europe and wonder to what extent Muslim migrants were able to integrate. 

“You will learn about the so-called no go areas and ‘excluded neighbourhoods.’ I do not rule out the possibility of positive examples though. 

“As for the Czech Republic, the Muslim community is very much limited here. I am warning against its strengthening.”

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