Former Corpus Christi mayor will run for Senate against Ted Cruz

The former mayor of Corpus Christi who resigned after just 37 days announced his intentions to challenge Ted Cruz’s Senate seat in 2018.

Dan McQueen, who confirmed his Senate run to the Caller-Times on Wednesday, spoke at Republican events before he abruptly stepped down in January following news reports that questioned his qualifications and choice of chief of staff.

Cruz, who failed in his presidential bid last year, faces a competitive race in the upcoming midterm elections.

A June 2017 poll conducted by the University of Texas shows 35 percent of those surveyed “strongly disapprove” of Cruz’s job performance, compared to 21 percent who “strongly approve”.

And McQueen appears to be taking a page out of the Trump playbook, vowing to fight against “fake news” while taking a strong stand against illegal immigration, according to his campaign website.

McQueen also cast himself as an outsider and railed against “career politicians with little life experience” on his website.

“I have fought my way from the bottom, served in America’s military, fought Fake News, educated and given myself to better Texas and America,” he wrote.

McQueen was also famous during his brief tenure as mayor for his social media rants. One one occasion, he claimed the Corpus Christi City Council was “comprised of only high school graduates”.

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Shortly after his estranged son told KRIS-TV that McQueen and Shari Douglas, his chief of staff, had been romantically involved for years, he stepped down just one month after he was elected.

On January 18, McQueen wrote on Facebook, “Consider this my resignation. I resign immediately. The city can no longer deal with such differing views and divisiveness. I step down from my position as Mayor, in order to allow the council and city to regain focus on success.”

“Sorry, they are now into my ex-wives and kids. No good can come of that mess,” he added.

Cruz will also face Rep. Beto O’Rourke, an El Paso Democrat, who threw his hat in the ring in March.

While he faces a tough fight against Cruz in the red state, early polls in April showed the Texas Senator was tied at 30 percent with O’Rourke, according to the Texas Lyceum.

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