Famous Fails: 15 Celebs Who Tried to Sing…and Bombed

April 30th, 2013 | 9:14 am

Tia Williams (@shakeyourbeauty)

Eddie Murphy Kim Kardashian Bruce Willis

Imagine how invincible it must feel to be a movie star, top athlete, supermodel, or gazillionaire reality star (sigh, it is what it is) — you must think you can do anything, right? Next stop, rock star fabulosity! Thing is, a music career ain’t so easy to pull off — and these A-listers found out the hard way.

Click through the gallery for the most embarrassing — and in some cases, guilty-pleasure amazing — celeb singing fails in music history.

Which celeb’s music career was the biggest bomb?

[Photos: Columbia Records, iTunes, Jive Records, Heiress Records, Motown, MCA, Epic, EMI, Edel America Records, Canyon Internationa, Sony, Capital Records]

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