Ex-Met Mo Vaughn, landlords face charges in housing bias probe

Five landlords and brokers who control 20,000 units in four boroughs have been charged with repeatedly discriminating against prospective tenants who rely on government-assistance programs — like Section 8 — by refusing to rent to them, officials said Wednesday.

Among the buildings that the city’s Human Rights Commission charged with wrongdoing was River Park Residence in the Bronx, which is operated by ex-Mets slugger Mo Vaughn’s Omni New York.

The other buildings are Parkchester South Condominiums and Martini Properties, both in the Bronx, Goldfarb Properties, which has buildings in Manhattan, the Bronx, and Queens and ABECO Management of Brooklyn.

If the charges are substantiated by the Human Rights Commission, the building owner could be hit with huge fines.

Three N.Y. real estate firms fined after apartment bias probe

It’s against the law to refuse to rent to someone because they are on government assistance.


If the charges are valid by the Human Rights Commission, the building owner could be slapped with huge fines.

(Torrie, Keith)

A spokesman for River Park said the building did not discriminate against any tenant, and had 40 current residents who paid their rent with city-issued vouchers for the formerly homeless.

A Goldfarb spokesman also denied any wrongdoing.

All of the landlords can appeal the charges.

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