Donald Trump Russian sex claims FAKE – Wikileaks says report has 'NO CREDIBILITY'

The site, run by Julian Assange, said there was a lack of “credible sourcing” for the CIA’s report.

Mr Assange backed Mr Trump, who hit out about reports of the 35-page leaked document calling it a “political witch hunt”.

The report, allegedly compiled by a former British spy, suggested Russian security services had evidence of Mr Trump involved with prostitutes, sexually perverse acts, bribery and property deals in Russia.

It is alleged the report was compiled over a number of months by a former MI6 officer for an opposition research company based in Washington DC.

But the report published has been branded a fake, unverified, and littered with mistakes.

In a series of tweets, Wikileaks said: “Evidence mounts as to the lack of credible sourcing for the CIA’s report on Russia & Donald Trump.”

Another said: “35 page PDF published by Buzzfeed on Trump is not an intelligence report. Style, facts & dates show no credibility.”

A third added: “WikiLeaks has a 100% record of accurate authentication. We do not endorse Buzzfeed’s publication of a document which is clearly bogus.”

The Russian Government has also responded saying “It is a complete fabrication in an attempt to damage our bilateral relations.” 

Mr Trump has been accused of being too close to Russia, after appearing to back President Vladimr Putin in speeches.

This was followed by CIA claims the Russian security services were responsible for hacking the email accounts of Hillary Clinton’s campaign team, which were then released by Wikileaks, with suggestions it helped Trump win the election.

Even news website Buzzfeed, which published the document in full, issued a warning the report contained errors and were “unverified and potentially unverifiable”.

It has been criticised for the release under the circumstances.

The report alleges that the Kremlin was “cultivating, supporting and assisting” Donald Trump for at least five years.

The report added Russia exploited Mr Trump’s “personal obsessions and sexual perversion” to gather  material that could be used against him.

Yesterday, CNN reported US intelligence chiefs gave Mr Trump and Barack Obama a two-page summary of the reports last week and that Senator John McCain gave a full copy to FBI director James Comey last month, but withheld some details due to lack of corroboration.

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