DMX charged with tax evasion, owes $1.7M

X isn’t gon’ give it to ya, apparently.

DMX turned himself in to federal authorities Thursday on charges of tax fraud.

The rapper failed to pay $ 1.7 million in taxes from 2002 to 2005, according to the IRS.

“For years, Earl Simmons, the recording artist and performer known as DMX, made millions from his chart-topping songs, concert performances and television shows. But while raking in millions from his songs, including his 2003 hit ‘X Gon’ Give it to Ya,’ DMX didn’t give any of it to the IRS. Far from it, DMX allegedly went out of his way to evade taxes, including by avoiding personal bank accounts, setting up accounts in other’s names and paying personal expenses largely in cash,” Acting U.S. Attorney Joon Kim said in a statement.

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“He even allegedly refused to tape the television show ‘Celebrity Couples Therapy’ until a properly issued check he was issued was reissued without withholding any taxes. Celebrity rapper or not, all Americans must pay their taxes, and together with our partners at the IRS, we will pursue those who deliberately and criminally evade this basic obligation of citizenship.”

Prosecutors said the rapper, 46, primarily used cash for years and avoided using his personal bank account, even going as far as to deposit his royalties into his manager’s account.

DMX also allegedly lied in bankruptcy court documents about his income from 2011 to 2013.

The rapper, who was charged with 14 counts, is due in court Friday.

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