Democratic Donor Articulates Nuanced “No Civil Liberties for Muslims” Position

Democratic Donor Articulates Nuanced "No Civil Liberties for Muslims" Position

Haim Saban (pictured, at right) is a billionaire entertainment mogul and a major Democratic political donor. This week, he voiced what might be considered a new mainstream Democratic attitude towards civil liberties.

Yesterday, Saban—who has donated a seven-figure sum to Hillary Clinton’s presidential effort, and who resides in the terrorist hotbed of Beverly Hills—told The Wrap this about the new political climate after the Paris attacks:

Many members of the Hollywood community are very liberal and they value their civil liberties more than they value life. I disagree with that. You want to be free and dead? I’d rather be not free and alive. The reality is that certain things that are unacceptable in times of peace — such as profiling, listening in on anyone and everybody who looks suspicious, or interviewing Muslims in a more intense way than interviewing Christian refugees — is all acceptable [during war]. Why? Because we value life more than our civil liberties and it’s temporary until the problem goes away…

I’m not suggesting we put Muslims through some kind of a torture room to get them to admit that they are or they’re not terrorists. But I am saying we should have more scrutiny.

These Hollywood liberals—always soft on defense.


“Put Muslims in a torture room until they admit they’re terrorists” is the official Republican position. Haim Saban is articulating the more modest Democratic position, which is just “Put Muslims in a room, and keep them there.”

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