Cris Carter Says Gay Slurs Pissed Off Odell Beckham (VIDEO)

Cris Carter Gay Slurs Pissed Off Odell Beckham

5/26/2017 9:03 AM PDT

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Cris Carter says Odell Beckham Jr. admitted he was upset about homophobic slurs that were hurled at him before the infamous Giants vs. Panthers game in 2015 … and insinuated the slurs came from Josh Norman

Carter appeared on “Undisputed” on FS1 and talked about the conversation he had with Odell on Thursday during a workout at an L.A. gym. 

Carter says they spoke about OBJ’s rivalry with Josh Norman — and Cris said it was very clear “homophobic” slurs (along with other disrespectful comments) set him off that day.

Nick Wright — who’s co-hosting ‘First Things First’ with Carter — also spoke with Beckham and said Odell mocked the media for constantly speculating about his sexuality.

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