Christopher Steele identified as former spy behind Trump dossier

The source behind a dossier of alleged “kompromat” held by the Russians on Donald Trump is a former British intelligence officer turned private investigator, according to a report.

Christopher Steele, 52, is the director of Orbis Business Intelligence in the U.K., according to the Wall Street Journal.

Steele was not identified in a CNN report breaking news that U.S. agencies had given a summary of his 35-page document that contained allegations of Trump engaging in “perverted sexual acts” in a Moscow hotel room.

Donald Trump has called the dossier, published in full by Buzzfeed, “all fake news” and denied the allegations.

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The Daily News cannot confirm the information, which includes claims of sex parties in St. Petersburg and coordination between the President-elect’s team and the Russian government.

Unidentified intelligence officials cited by CNN said that the source of the documents was a credible former MI6 agent and that he had worked in Russia in the 1990s.

The unsubstantiated allegations include that Russian officials have a recording of Trump and "perverted sexual acts" at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.

The unsubstantiated allegations include that Russian officials have a recording of Trump and “perverted sexual acts” at the Ritz Carlton in Moscow.

(Sergey Ponomarev/AP)

Others have said that the bombshell allegations were thinly sourced, and pointed out inconsistencies such as the mispelling of Russian investment group “Alfa” and “Alpha.”

Steele’s website says that it “was founded in 2009 by former British intelligence professionals” and features a photo of a Russian church on its homepage.

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Orbis co-director Christopher Burrows, who formerly worked for the British Foreign & Commonwealth Office told the Wall Street Journal that he could not “confirm or deny” that his co-director authored the report.

The CNN report has said that the information was compiled as opposition research by Donald Trump’s political foes, though Burrows said that the objective is to respond to the requirements set out by our clients. We have no political ax to grind.”

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