Chris Soules Made 911 Call After Fatal Crash and Checked Victim's Pulse (AUDIO)

Chris Soules Made 911 Call After CrashChecked Victim’s Pulse

4/26/2017 7:34 AM PDT


Chris Soules called 911 at the scene of the crash before booking it … this according to the 911 audio.

You hear a winded Soules — who also seemed coherent — telling the dispatcher there was an accident with a tractor and a vehicle and says the tractor driver was injured and unconscious after being thrown into a ditch.

Soules interacted with the victim, checking his pulse … saying he felt it. Soules also said the victim was bleeding from his mouth.

The 911 audio goes on … the dispatcher asks if anyone could administer CPR. Someone is performing CPR but it’s unclear if it was Soules.

It’s apparent from the 911 call there were others present when the call was made, and they were the ones who saw Soules leave the scene.

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