Chad Ochocinco's New Girlfriend — She's a WHOOTY … White Girl with a Booty

Ochocinco’s New GF
She’s a WHOOTY
(White Girl with a Booty)

Chad Ochocinco
‘s already on the rebound with a new chick … and there’s no denying it, girl’s got some SERIOUS JUNK … even compared to a random girl in the background doing stripper moves.

The video was shot a few days ago in Miami — showing Ocho and his new lady getting touchy-feely near the beach … and she’s got an ass like an onion. It makes us wanna cry. 

BONUS: While Ocho cuddles up with the mystery woman, some random chick in the background felt it was a great time to practice her stripper moves on a pole. Gotta love Miami.

FYI — it’s been six months since Ocho’s domestic violence arrest … when he allegedly headbutted his wife Evelyn Lozada. The two have since divorced.

UPDATE: The photo agency that shot Chad and the unnamed “whooty” tells us the video is from February 7. Right now Chad is in Spain with a different woman — Lauren Popeil … heiress to the Ron Popeil infomercial fortune.

A source close to Lauren tells us she and Chad are great friends taking in a Real Madrid soccer match — but they’re not “dating” yet.

Who knew Ocho could juggle so well?

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