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'Fishwife’s rhetoric' reveals 'intellectual impotence' of UK Defense Secretary – Russian MoD

By telling Russia to “shut up,” UK Defense Secretary Gavin Williamson has revealed his “extreme intellectual impotence” and underlined the vanity of British accusations against Moscow, Russia’s Defense Ministry said. “Fishwife’s rhetoric demonstrated today by the head of the British Defense Ministry Gavin Williamson, perfectly characterizes an extreme degree of his intellectual impotence,” the Defense Ministry said in a statement. ...

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France calls Skripal poisoning 'disgusting attack,' warns of 'firm' response

The poisoning of double agent Sergei Skripal was a “disgusting” attack on Britain, to which French President Emmanuel Macron will respond with “firmness,” it was reported. Read more “This despicable attack will have consequences and the president will act firmly with his partners,” a French presidential source said, commenting on the poisoning of Skripal and his daughter in the UK’s ...

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Terrorists’ endgame was gunning down hostages in Red Square – Putin on 2002 theater siege

Vladimir Putin has recounted the events of the 2002 hostage crisis in Moscow, arguably the low point of his first presidential term. He said the removal of terrorists by using deadly gas prevented a much bloodier outcome. The three-day confrontation at the Dubrovka theater remains one of the worst terrorism incidents in Russia’s history. Some four dozen militants captured over ...

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Putin inspects Crimean bridge as Bridge the Cat inspects the president

Russian President Vladimir Putin toured the construction site of the bridge which will connect Crimea with mainland Russia. While talking to workers, Putin also endured the scrutiny of the project’s mascot. The construction of the Crimean bridge is one of the most ambitious infrastructure projects Russia is currently involved it. The 19km-long structure has two separate parts: one is a ...

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‘UK accusations against Russia anecdotal & speculative’

Britain’s accusations against Russia over ex-spy Sergei Skripal’s poisoning are anecdotal and speculative; there is no forensic evidence that ties this to Russia, says Patrick Henningsen, executive editor of The UK government accused Russia of breaching the International Chemical Weapons Convention. The statement came at an emergency meeting of the UN Security Council called by Britain over the poisoning ...

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Putin ‘extremely concerned’ over UK’s ‘destructive, provocative’ stance in Skripal case – Kremlin

Published time: 15 Mar, 2018 13:03 Edited time: 15 Mar, 2018 13:52 Vladimir Putin told Russia’s Security Council that he was “extremely concerned” by the destructive and provocative stance of the UK on the poisoning of double agent Sergey Skripal, Dmitry Peskov, the Kremlin press secretary, said. Read more “In the context of international affairs, a detailed discussion of the ...

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‘I considered driving a taxi for living before a job came up in Moscow’ – Putin

After the downfall of his patron, Anatoly Sobchak, Vladimir Putin turned down a job in the new St. Petersburg administration and considered driving a taxi to provide for his family, the Russian president recalled in an interview. Sobchak was the first and only mayor of St. Petersburg. In 1996, he failed in his bid for re-election to the office, which ...

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Moscow will ‘definitely’ expel British diplomats in wake of UK’s reaction to Skripal case – Lavrov

Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov has said Russia will “definitely” expel UK diplomats as a reciprocal measure in the standoff over ex-spy Sergei Skripal’s poisoning. Moscow would act “soon,” he added. “You do understand that we, as polite people, will first deliver our response to the British counterparts,” Lavrov said, replying to a question by RIA Novosti’s reporter. He noted ...

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