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Catching The Sun: Tabloid misuses photographer’s images for puff piece on ‘poverty-stricken’ Russia

A Russian photographer who films vulnerable people says he’s been deceived by The Sun tabloid that picked his images of the homeless and alcoholics to paint a bleak picture of life in a country hosting the World Cup. Composed to reveal “a striking contrast to the glitz and glamour of Russia’s World Cup 2018 opening ceremony,” The Sun’s piece initially ...

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Was it a UFO? White object pierces Russia’s night sky, puzzles & awes locals (PHOTO, VIDEO)

A huge white object flashed in Russia’s sky in the night to Sunday. While some feared that aliens had entered Mother Earth or that war had broken out, the explanation was rather earthly. People across Russia took to social media to post dazzling pictures and videos featuring a mysterious object flying over them in the night to Sunday. Searching for ...

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Germany’s migration chief is sacked amid an asylum agency fraud scandal – but is the problem solved?

The ousted head of Germany’s refugee agency was central to an unfolding asylum application fraud scandal, but firing her won’t fix core “structural problems” in the country’s migration system, a geopolitical analyst has told RT. After serving just 18 months as head of the Federal Office for Migration and Refugees (BAMF), Jutta Cordt was fired this week by Interior Minister ...

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‘You can smell the bodies’: Angelina Jolie in Mosul one year after ‘liberation’ by US-led coalition

Nearly a year after Mosul in Iraq was declared “liberated” from ISIS terrorists, UNHCR envoy Angelina Jolie said the stench of dead bodies buried under the rubble was still present, amid the “worst devastation” she has ever seen. “There are bodies in this rubble that stay here and you can smell the bodies and some of them have family members ...

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Pentagon finds Afghanistan’s ‘new’ Black Hawk helicopters inferior to Russian Mi-17s

US plans to replace Afghan Mi-17s with Black Hawks have met new “challenges,” as the Russian military choppers are superior, according to a Pentagon report. On the bright side, “private contractors” will be busy maintaining them. The revelation has been made by the Lead Inspector General in a quarterly report on Operation Freedom’s Sentinel – the current code name for ...

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1st woman in space: 55th anniversary of Tereshkova's historic voyage

Russia is celebrating the 55th anniversary of Valentina Tereshkova becoming the first woman in space. To this day, she remains the only female ever to have embarked on a solo space mission. The incredibly brave Tereshkova was just 26 years old when she left Earth for her historic voyage on the USSR’s Vostok 6 spacecraft, which lasted three days and ...

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Taxi accidentally drives into crowd in Moscow – police (VIDEO)

A taxi driver has lost control of his car and driven his vehicle into a crowded sidewalk in Moscow, injuring at least seven people including, two Mexican nationals, who had come to Russia for the World Cup. The traffic accident occurred on Ilyinka street located close to Red Square on Saturday, when the driver suddenly accelerated, hit the pedestrians on ...

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'Tsunami from Heaven': Austrian photographer creates stunning time-lapse of rainstorm (VIDEO)

Mother Nature’s beautiful and mysterious ways have been caught on camera by a professional photographer who has captured time-lapse footage of a powerful rainstorm over a lake in Austria. The video, titled ‘Tsunami from Heaven’ shows blue skies turning grey as rain clouds swoop in over Lake Millstatt in Carinthia, Austria. It doesn’t take long to see why photographer Peter ...

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Nosey neighbors: Austria demands Germany come clean on alleged massive state-level spying

Austria has urged Berlin to “clarify” allegations of large-scale surveillance conducted by German Federal Intelligence Service (BND) in the early 2000s, following a damning report on German spying activities in Austrian media. “There must be no such thing among friendly states,” Austria’s Chancellor Sebastian Kurz said, at an extraordinary press conference in Vienna on Saturday. According to a report, published ...

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'Somewhere, Ronaldo is winking': Social media piles in on penalty-missing Messi after poor match

Lionel Messi played with the weight of Argentina’s hopes upon his shoulders, laboring against a tenacious Iceland, before underlining a frustrating performance with a decisive penalty miss. Twitter was not kind. Just the facts. MESSI ⚽️ in his 16 matches in the World Cup: 1 ⚽️00000001 ⚽️1 ⚽️2 ⚽️⚽️00000#ArgentinavIceland #Russia2018 — THE BET SOCIETY (@thebetsociety) 16 June 2018 But it ...

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