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Investigate chemical incidents in Syria instead of blaming Damascus & distorting our views – Moscow

Russia has called for an investigation of all chemical incidents in Syria, as the US has ignored all evidence of terrorist involvement while portraying the allegations against Damascus, based on shady sources, as the truth. “All the ongoing attempts by the US to accuse the Syrian government of using chemical warfare agents in combat against the so-called “opposition” are based ...

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9 reported deaths in Turkish strikes on Afrin, wounded civilians rushed to hospitals (GRAPHIC VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Jan, 2018 23:43 At least nine people have reportedly been killed in Afrin, Syria, as Turkey bombs the predominantly Kurdish region. Footage from the scene shows hospitals treating wounded civilians and locals donating blood. Turkish airstrikes killed three fighters and six civilians, according to a statement by the Kurdish militia. At least 13 civilians were wounded. Turkey ...

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Italians asked to report fake news to police ahead of March election

The Italian government is cracking down on fake news ahead of its upcoming general election, launching a portal that allows the public to report online news hoaxes directly to the police. Reports of fake news can be made via a “red button” system on the website of Italy’s postal police – the division that tackles cyber crime. Those reporting media ...

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World first: Frenchman undergoes second face transplant

A Frenchman whose body rejected a face transplant has become the first person in the world to undergo the procedure a second time. The unnamed man in his 40s, who received his first transplant seven years ago, spent nearly two months in an induced coma without a face until a second donor was found on Monday, according to a joint ...

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‘No substitute for US in Israeli-Palestinian peace process’ – Netanyahu

The US is the only party that can serve as mediator in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict, Israeli PM Benjamin Netanyahu has said after Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas directly and repeatedly questioned Washington’s credibility. Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital on December 6 drove a stake through the heart of the two-state peace process, which envisions East Jerusalem as ...

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Asteroid the size of Burj Khalifa is heading towards Earth

A “potentially hazardous” asteroid, larger than the world’s tallest building, is heading towards Earth at a speed of 76,000 miles per hour. Asteroid 2002 AJ129 will fly past Earth on February 4, coming within 2.6 million miles (4.2 million kilometers) of our planet, according to NASA. Although this is the equivalent of ten times the distance between Earth and the ...

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Russian MoD accuses US of stirring up tensions in northern Syria with arms supplies

The US is fuelling the crisis in northern Syria and the ongoing Turkish military operation against the Kurds through reckless weapon supplies to pro-American rebel groups, Russia’s Defense Ministry has said. “The Pentagon’s uncontrolled deliveries of modern weaponry to the pro-US militants in the north of Syria, including, according to our information, contributed to the rapid escalation of tensions and ...

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WATCH Syria’s Afrin bombed by Turkish jets (VIDEO)

Published time: 20 Jan, 2018 16:11 Edited time: 20 Jan, 2018 16:58 The Syrian Kurdish enclave of Afrin has been bombed by Turkish F-16 jets as Ankara begins its military operation against Kurdish forces. Footage from RT’s Ruptly shows blasts and black smoke rising over the town. On Saturday, Turkey’s General Staff officially declared the start of the attack on ...

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