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Priceless royal crowns stolen in Sweden, thieves get away on motor boat

Swedish police have mobilized its land, sea and air forces to catch two men who stole two 17th century royal crowns and an orb from a church in broad daylight on Tuesday before making a daring escape in a motor boat. In what looks more like a Hollywood movie plot than real-word crime news, crowns belonging to two 17th-century members ...

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Spain can't absorb 'millions of Africans,' new opposition leader tells government

Spain is the new centre of Europe’s migrant crisis – and Conservative Popular Party leader Pablo Casado has blamed the socialist government after they accepted migrant rescue boat the Aquarius, which Italy had turned away. The rescue boat, which carried 630 migrants, has been operated since February 2016 by SOS Méditerranée and Médecins Sans Frontières (MSF). Italy and Malta rejected ...

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Dozens injured as two trains collide near Peru's Machu Picchu citadel (PHOTOS)

At least 23 people have been injured as two passenger trains heading to the famed 15-th century ruins in Peru’s Cusco Region collided on Tuesday. Many of the people hurt in the crash are reported to be foreign tourists. A Peru Rail train bumped into the rear of an Inca Rail train several dozen kilometers from the world-famous tourist attraction ...

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'We can't use Korean names': Japan's large pro-Pyongyang diaspora lives amid suspicion & isolation

Thousands of ethnic Koreans living in Japan pledge loyalty to Pyongyang. Many of them have never actually been in North Korea but, against all odds, still consider its leaders as their own and the communist country as homeland. About 150,000 Japanese Koreans remain loyal to Pyongyang, which makes up around a quarter of the local Korean diaspora, the new documentary ...

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‘At night I dreamt I was back home,’ says Russian climber rescued at 6300m after 6 days with no food

A Pakistani helicopter narrowly avoided an accident to airlift Alexander Gukov from an altitude of 6300m on Latok-1, six days after he was trapped, when his climbing partner fell to his death in a doomed never-done-before ascent. RT’s video news agency Ruptly became the first news outlet to speak to Gukov as he landed in Skardu, in northeast Pakistan. Asked ...

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Plane crashes near airport in Durango, Mexico

An Aeromexico plane has crashed near the Guadalupe Victoria International Airport near Durango city, Mexico. The airline is working to find out the details. Aeromexico has confirmed it’s aware of the accident involving one of its planes in Durango, but has provided no other details so far. The number of possible victims is unclear, but according to some reports, the ...

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Belarus cops bust swingers party, arresting 52 for illegal orgy (VIDEO)

A swingers party in Belarus was crashed by the most unwelcome of guests, as police officers swooped in to shut down the illegal orgy at a cottage near the capital, Minsk. The sleazy party was in full swing on Saturday night when special forces raided the event and arrested more than 50 people. Extraordinary video footage from the scene shows ...

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Iran’s elite guards shoot down Trump’s meeting offer

The head of Iran’s elite Islamic Revolutionary Guards (IRGC) has said that Iranian officials would never meet with Donald Trump, “or any other US president.” “Mr Trump! Iran is not North Korea to accept your offer for a meeting,” said IRGC commander Mohammad Ali Jafari as quoted by the state Fars News agency. “Even US presidents after you will not ...

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Earth’s mantle torn into 4 pieces under quake-prone Tibetan plateau – scientists

A new model showing that Earth’s mantle has been torn into at least four pieces beneath the Tibetan plateau could dramatically improve earthquake predictions, scientists say. The model, generated from high-resolution earthquake data, offers the clearest picture yet of the mysterious geological processes that occured when the Indian and Asian tectonics plates collided some 50 million years ago, giving rise ...

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‘Ridiculous propaganda’: Users slam NATO’s online fake news game

A new NATO-developed Facebook game, which claims to help users differentiate between real and fake news, is proving to be a complete flop with users who are dismissing it as “propaganda”. READ MORE: Call to break up Russia by Latvian MP proof of NATO’s hostile plans – senior lawmaker The News Hero takes the player inside the editorial office of ...

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