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Canine cosmonaut: 60yrs since ‘Soviet space dog’ Laika became 1st Earthling in orbit

November 3 marks the 60th anniversary of Soviet space-dog Laika blasting off in Sputnik 2 to become the first Earth-born creature to orbit our planet. Though it goes without saying Laika wasn’t aware of her self-sacrifice for the greater cause of human space exploration, she became a global phenomenon. “Laika’s portrait was published on the front pages of the main ...

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WhatsApp down: Users report outages worldwide

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 08:41 Edited time: 3 Nov, 2017 08:57 Popular messaging app ‘WhatsApp’ is down, with users forced to switch to one of the many other forms of communication still in operation. The Facebook-owned WhatsApp has, according to website DownDetector, been experiencing outages since about 3:10 EDT. So far, users from a host of countries including Ireland, ...

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#1917LIVE exclusive: Revolutionary Russia like you’ve never seen it before (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Brazilian artist Marina Amaral contributed to #1917LIVE – RT’s interactive history project dedicated to the 100th anniversary of the 1917 Revolution. Amaral used her signature technique to colorize rare photos from a century ago. Embark on a journey back in time with RT and see some prominent figures of the day including Lenin and the royal family like you’ve never seen ...

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Poland seeks to ban Ukrainians with 'anti-Polish views'

Poland, Ukraine’s closest European neighbor and the destination for many crisis-hit Ukrainians in search of jobs, wants to ban those that exhibit “anti-Polish views,” Polish FM Witold Waszczykowski said. Speaking to state-run TVP1 broadcaster on Thursday, Waszczykowski said Poland will not let go of bitter historic issues like the slaughter of Poles by the Ukrainian SS Galicia division, even for ...

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Feminist menstruation art provokes tension in Stockholm metro

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 03:06 A series of wall-sized black-and-white paintings of women spreading their legs wide to reveal a red splotch of period blood, on public display in Stockholm’s underground system, have proven divisive among passengers of various ages. Painted by feminist cartoonist Liv Stromquist, the posters, featuring female figure skaters doing leg lifts, dominate the platforms of ...

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Explosion hits night club in Malmo, Sweden

A powerful explosion mangled the doors of a nightclub in Malmo, Sweden, on Thursday, but no casualties have so far been reported. The city has recently been hit by a series of blasts. A bomb squad and a team of technical specialists have been called to the Babel nightclub in central Malmo, police spokesman Magnus Lefèvre said, as cited by ...

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'Please Lord, stop': World is at war and heading into even greater conflict, Pope warns

Published time: 3 Nov, 2017 01:49 Pope Francis has made an anti-war address while holding a Mass at a US military cemetery, warning that the world is sliding ever faster toward war. The speech was delivered Tuesday, on the Feast of All Souls Day, a Catholic Christian holiday to commemorate the dead. The Pope visited the Sicily-Rome American Cemetery in ...

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‘Most expensive’ whisky proven a ‘worthless’ fake after test

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 21:45 A $ 10,000 shot of vintage Scotch left a sour taste in its purchaser’s mouth after it turned out to be nothing but a fake. The pricey tipple was tested by scientists and revealed to be nothing but a rip-off. The expensive 2cl drink was purchased in a Swiss hotel by a Chinese millionaire, ...

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‘Rape or Not’ – you decide! TV show stirs controversy amid #MeToo sexual assault fallout

Published time: 2 Nov, 2017 22:01 A new Dutch TV panel show explores what constitutes consent, workplace harassment and rape, using actors to reenact some of the most notorious sexual assault cases ftom the country’s recent history. But many in the Netherlands are finding the premise of “Rape or Not” distasteful. “Sex is a beautiful thing, provided both people see ...

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Over 1/4 of civilian deaths in Mosul fighting caused by airstrikes – UN

More than one in four civilian casualties during the fighting in Islamic State-occupied Mosul were caused by the US-led coalition’s airstrikes, a UN report has found. The international community should investigate and pay compensation, it said. Read more At least 2,521 civilians were killed and 1,673 wounded during the US-led coalition spearheaded the operation to recapture Mosul, which rocked Islamic ...

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