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‘Let’s make things clear’: EU bites back at Salvini’s claim that it’s responsible for Genoa tragedy

The EU has hit back at claims by Italy’s Interior Minister Matteo Salvini that the bloc is to blame for the Genoa motorway bridge collapse that killed 39 people on Tuesday, plunging the country into a state of emergency. Some 24 hours after the tragic event in the northern city, Salvini, leader of the Euroskeptic Northern League, said the EU’s ...

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US violated international law over Russian diplomatic missions, Moscow tells Washington

Published time: 17 Aug, 2018 10:44 Edited time: 17 Aug, 2018 10:53 Washington has violated international law with respect to Russian diplomatic missions in the US, the Russian Foreign Ministry said in a protest note filed to DC. The ministry expressed “protest at the continued violation of international law by the US with regard to” Russian diplomatic missions and consulates ...

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Russian heavy bomber Tu-160 executes mid-air refueling before landing in Arctic (VIDEO)

Video has captured the moment a Russian strategic bomber Tu-160 performed a mid-air refueling maneuver during a military drill. The stunt is considered particularly difficult, even by veteran pilots. The footage, released on Thursday by the Russian Defense Ministry’s official channel Zvezda TV, shows the large bomber Tu-160 (NATO reporting name – Blackjack) performing aerial refueling as it flies behind ...

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Fake bomb threats force several Chilean planes to make emergency landings

At least four planes from two Chilean airlines have been forced to make emergency landings over bomb threats, Chile’s Civil Aviation Authority said. Peruvian officials confirmed that a Latam Airlines flight 2369 from Lima, Peru, to Santiago, Chile, was forced to land at a regional airport in Pisco, Peru early Thursday afternoon. Peruvian authorities had received a tip-off about the ...

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'Surprise guest' Putin ruffles feathers with plan to attend Euroskeptic Austrian FM's wedding

From security arrangements to choice of present to geopolitical implications, Western media is fascinated (and alarmed) by Vladimir Putin’s decision to call in on the wedding of Karin Kneissl – and some have demanded she resign. Before all else, it appears that in almost two decades as an international political figure, this is the first time the Russian president has ...

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Colombians told to avoid sex to survive heatwave

With temperatures soaring in Colombia, locals in one city may soon need cold showers for more than one reason. They are being told to stay cool by avoiding sex. Santa Marta is a picturesque coastal city. With summer temperatures rising above 40 degrees Celsius (104 Fahrenheit), it might seem like the perfect time for some sweaty summer loving, but the ...

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New Roscosmos chief says Russia mulls reusable rockets, slams Elon Musk for ‘killing competitors’

Russia may develop reusable first stages for its rockets, which would likely land horizontally rather than in the style of SpaceX’s Falcons, Roscosmos chief Dmitry Rogozin has said. He also had words for SpaceX boss Elon Musk. The new heavy Soyuz-5 rocket, currently developed by Russia, must become more powerful yet remain cheaper than the products supplied by the competitors, ...

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Chinese Boeing 737 crash-lands at Manila airport – reports

A XiamenAir plane has crash-landed at Manila International Airport in the Philippines, according to AirLive. Flight MF8667 from Xiamen, China, circled Manila for about one hour before aborting landing. On its second landing attempt, the Boeing 737-800 skidded off the runway. A photo posted online appears to show the plane sitting lopsided on the runway. There are reports that the ...

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