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Charging journalist with treason for doing his job is extraordinary – Putin on Kiev media crackdown

Kiev’s crackdown against RIA Novosti Ukraine, which includes accusing the head of news agency of treason, is an extraordinary example of persecution of the media, the Russian president said. Vladimir Putin criticized the crackdown on the news agency and its head Kirill Vyshynsky, launched by Ukrainian law enforcement this week, during a joint press conference with German Chancellor Angela Merkel ...

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‘Bomb Putin bridge’ journo thinks he’s trolling Moscow with jail comments… but there’s a catch

A US political commentator, who gained notoriety in Russia this week by suggesting Ukraine should bomb the freshly-opened Crimean bridge, has felt the wrath of Russia’s most devastating weapon: the phone prank. The name Tom Rogan would have meant nothing to most Russians until this week. He is one of dozens of lesser-known Washington DC media figures, a contributor for ...

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Merkel & Putin speak to press after meeting in Sochi

Angela Merkel and Vladimir Putin held a joint media conference in Sochi following a meeting. It comes as the US exerts pressure on Berlin to reduce the purchase of Russian natural gas in favor of American supplies. The two leaders had been critical of the Trump administration’s decision to violate a multilateral agreement with Iran, which both Russia and Germany ...

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Flower power: Putin greets visiting Merkel with bouquet (VIDEO)

The Russian president seemed to be on a charm offensive on Friday as he met with his German counterpart. Vladimir Putin greeted Angela Merkel on the porch of his Sochi residence with a big bouquet of flowers. Footage of the encounter shows the Russian leader greeting the German delegation on top of the stairs leading to the entrance of the ...

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Horse trapped upside down between 2 boulders sparks bizarre rescue bid (VIDEO)

Prospects looked bleak for a foal who somehow managed to get sandwiched between a series of boulders, with its head in a crevice and its legs strewn in the air. But it’s remarkable rescue has been captured on video. The bizarre incident took place near the city of Aktau in southwestern Kazakhstan, and footage of the daring rescue was published ...

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Drop Russia sanctions immediately, Italy’s M5S & Lega Nord urge in landmark govt pact

Italy’s ruling anti-establishment Five Star Movement and Lega Nord parties have called for an immediate lifting of sanctions imposed on Russia. The coalition also introduced other proposals likely to send tremors across the EU. Read more A landmark government program published by the Five Star Movement (M5S) and its right-wing coalition ally Lega Nord says dropping the Russia sanctions would ...

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French authorities thwart possible attack using highly toxic ricin or explosives – interior minister

French authorities have thwarted a possible attack using either highly toxic ricin gas or explosives, the country’s Interior Minister Gerard Collomb has said. Just a few grains of ricin powder is enough to kill an adult human. Two men of Egyptian origin were arrested in connection with a foiled attack using powerful ricin poison or explosives, Collomb told French BFMTV ...

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Russia expands supersonic bomber patrols to Arctic & beyond – strategic aviation chief

Russian strategic nuclear forces are expanding their global reach and paying special attention to patrolling the Arctic with supersonic bombers, according to the long-range strategic air force commander Sergey Kobylash. “This year, we plan to fly Tu-160s to Anadyr [Russia’s easternmost Arctic town]. The Arctic is of strategic importance to us and we have been exploring new airfields and other ...

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Back to ‘normal’? Ecuador withdraws Assange’s extra security at London embassy

The president of Ecuador has ordered the withdrawal of enhanced security from the country’s London embassy, which was assigned to protect Julian Assange, who remains holed up there to avoid possible deportation to the US. The Ecuadorian government “will maintain normal security similar to the level of security at all other Ecuadorean embassies in the rest of the world,” Lenin ...

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Israel blocks Turkey from transporting wounded Palestinians from Gaza

Turkey’s attempts to evacuate Palestinians wounded in Gaza for medical treatment have been blocked by Israel, the government in Ankara said. Israel is blocking Turkey from “standing beside our oppressed brothers,” Turkey’s deputy prime minister, Recep Akdag, said, as cited by Anadolu Agency. Turkey asked to send a plane to Tel Aviv’s Ben Gurion airport, but the request was rejected ...

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