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Instagram down: App crashes for users across the globe

The photo-sharing application is suffering global outages with many of its users reporting that they are unable to refresh the feed. The social media giant had issues since 3:16 AM EDT, according to Down Detector web service.  Live outage map showed that problems with the app were experienced in Europe, Australia, North America, India, Malaysia and Indonesia.  Worried app users ...

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US to accuse China of undermining its security by selling weapon components too cheap – report

A new Pentagon study is expected to accuse China of selling components used in American weapons at dumping price, putting pressure on US competitors and threatening to force them out of business, according to a media report. The study, which was commissioned by President Donald Trump in July 2017 and is now set to be published following long delays, was ...

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‘Unwavering support’ against ‘Iranian aggression’? Israel welcomes record $38bn US military aid

Benjamin Netanyahu has welcomed a historic $ 38bn US military aid package, negotiated by the previous US administration and released just in time to help the Jewish state withstand the ‘complex’ threat posed by its arch-enemy Iran. Two years after President Barack Obama and the Israeli Prime Minister signed a Memorandum of Understanding, the 10-year military funding deal went into ...

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Notorious French gangster arrested months after daring helicopter jailbreak

Three months after a spectacular prison break, Redoine Faid, the most wanted gangster in France and notorious for his escapes of a blockbuster genre, has been arrested by the authorities in his hometown, local media report. Following his spectacular escape from Reau prison near Paris in July with the help of a helicopter, Faid had been on the run for ...

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Volcano erupts on Indonesia’s Sulawesi days after fatal quake & tsunami (PHOTOS)

Natural disasters continue to plague Indonesia, with the Mount Soputan volcano erupting on the island of Sulawesi just days after a devastating tsunami, triggered by a massive earthquake, struck the island, killing hundreds. After months of increased seismic activity, the Soputan volcano finally blew off steam on Wednesday morning, sending an ash column as high as 4,000 meters into the ...

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Malaysian PM doubles down on ‘hook-nosed Jews’ comments, blames Israel for ME woes

Malaysia’s nonagenarian prime minister has defended his controversial statements referring to Jews as “hook-nosed,” doubling down to assert that the creation of Israel has triggered most of the current troubles in the Middle East. Mahathir Mohamad’s comments came after being asked about alleged instances of being a “proud anti-Semite” during his long career in politics, by journalist Zeinab Badawi during ...

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Serbia’s Vucic inspired after talks with Putin, got ‘everything he was looking for’

Moscow has reassured Belgrade of its support of the territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Balkan nation following a crisis in Kosovo over the weekend, President Aleksandar Vucic noted following his visit to Russia. The latest regional tensions surrounding Serbia and its renegade province of Kosovo were discussed in detail between President Vladimir Putin and his Serbian counterpart in Moscow. ...

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A horse walks into a French bar… and no one finds it funny, chaotic VIDEO shows

Horses are normally very stable animals but that doesn’t stop them going berserk every now and then, as shocked patrons of a French bar found out recently when a bucking bronco disturbed their quiet gathering. After tearing away from its handler at a French racecourse in Chantilly the young horse decided to run into the nearby bar where it sparked ...

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Pragmatics win: Kurz to meet Putin for 4th time this year to strengthen ties & foster dialogue

Austrian Chancellor Sebastian Kurz is set to meet President Vladimir Putin this week, their fourth meeting this year, displaying the pragmatic politics that are so badly needed right now in relations between Moscow and Europe. Kurz is scheduled to make his second visit to Russia in less than a year and is expected to meet with Putin in St. Petersburg ...

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Massive protest blocks Armenian parliament as new PM blames opposition of ‘counter-revolution’

Tens of thousands of protesters have blocked the parliament building in Armenia’s capital Yerevan on Tuesday night, after MPs voted for a law which Prime Minister Nikol Pashinyan has blasted as the start of a “counter-revolution.” Pashinyan, who was put in charge of the government this May as a result of large-scale demonstrations, has urged his supporters to again take ...

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