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Germany must veto Trump's Syria strike plan within NATO – Left Party chair

Germany needs to fight Donald Trump’s plan to launch a military attack on Syria, the co-chair of the country’s Die Linke (Left Party) has said, adding that war would only escalate an already-bad situation. Speaking to Taz newspaper, Katja Kipping said that intervention in Syria in response to the alleged chemical attack in Douma would not help the people in ...

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#Romanovs100 video premiere kickstarts dazzling re-enactment series (VIDEO)

A historical re-enactment of Nicholas II and his family building a snow tower hit the web as part of RT’s #Romanovs100 project dedicated to Russia’s last reigning royals. For 100 days #Romanovs100 will release rare photographs from the family’s private albums, many of them taken by themselves. RT will re-create the frozen-in-time events captured by some of these images in ...

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Outrage as giant blue penis painted along building in Sweden (PHOTOS)

A giant penis in the colors of Sweden’s national flag which was, em, erected on the side of a five-storey building in central Stockholm is to be erased after shocked residents demanded it’s removal. The artist behind the giant phallic mural, Carolina Falkholt, said she hoped it would encourage passersby, especially those shocked or repulsed, to think about why they ...

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Russia not prepared to ‘depend on someone’s morning mood’ after Trump’s fiery tweets

International relations should not be affected if someone woke up on the wrong side of the bed, Russian Deputy Prime Minister Arkady Dvorkovich said. US President Donald Trump recently took to Twitter to threaten strikes on Syria. “We cannot depend on the mood someone overseas is waking up in, and on what comes into mind of a particular person [the] ...

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Airport workers oblivious as fuel spills onto runway (VIDEOS)

Passengers waiting to board a flight from Amsterdam to London looked on in amazement as aviation fuel spilled on the runway before them. The British Airways flight was delayed as a result. Video taken from inside the airport shows a large puddle of fuel spreading across the tarmac as ground crew were getting ready to refuel the Airbus A320. The ...

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Flight safety office in UK apologizes for Russian plane search in Heathrow – Moscow

The flight safety center in the UK operating under the International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) has apologized for the search of a Russian Aeroflot plane by UK officials in March, the Russian transport minister said. After elaborating on the case, which triggered outrage in Moscow, the center “even apologized,” Russian Transport Minister Maksim Sokolov told journalists on Friday. The Montreal-based ...

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‘Attack on Syria would be attack on entire UN system’ – Bolivia’s UN envoy

The threat by the US to use force in Syria undermines international law and the entire United Nations system, Bolivian Ambassador to the UN Sacha Llorenti, who called a Security Council meeting over the issue, told RT. By threatening to act against Damascus with or without the UN’s blessing, Washington is putting itself above all other nations, flaunting international law, ...

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'Time for warnings has passed': EU committee demands sanctions against Viktor Orban's Hungary

The European Parliament’s Civil Liberties, Justice and Home Affairs committee will ask MEPs to vote for Hungary to be sanctioned over alleged violations of the rule of law, just days after Viktor Orban’s decisive re-election. “Time and time again, Viktor Orbán’s government has undermined the independence of the judiciary, freedom of the press and the fundamental rights of its citizens,” ...

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'We can resolve all issues by picking up the phone' – Russia's FM spokesperson on Syria standoff

The US and Russia can find a way out of the deadlock in Syria if they talk to each other, Russian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova believes, but should Washington launch an attack, Moscow will stand by its people. In an interview with Sky News on Thursday, Zakharova stressed that Moscow and Washington should not allow the tensions over Syria ...

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No politics: American, Russian students chat with ISS cosmonauts and ‘float’ onboard (VIDEO)

A group of American students chatted with Russian cosmonauts and even took a tour of the International Space Station – all while sitting in their Montana classroom. RT360 helped to organize the unique space lesson. High school students in Bozeman, Montana, spoke with Russian cosmonauts via a video link as part of RT’s “Space Lessons” education project launched in December. ...

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