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‘Polocaust museum’: Polish minister calls for commemoration of non-Jewish victims of WWII

Poland’s Deputy Minister of Culture has endorsed the creation of a special “Polocaust” museum to commemorate the non-Jews who died in Poland during World War II. It is estimated that around three million ethnic Poles were among the six million people who were killed in Poland during the war. Minister Jarosław Sellin said in an interview on Poland’s Radio One ...

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70yo stabs 3 refugees outside German church, released by police

A 70-year-old knifeman who assaulted three refugees in Germany has been released by police, who insisted there were no grounds to detain the attacker – saying he was drunk, had no criminal record, and didn’t intend to kill. The man assaulted three refugees from Iraq, Afghanistan and Syria outside a church in the western German town of Heilbronn on Saturday ...

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Cloud-surfing cabs: Uber CEO sees flying cars within next decade

Flying taxis may sound like something from 90’s sci-fi hit The Fifth Element, but that’ll be the reality in 5-10 years if Uber CEO Dara Khosrowshahi has his way. Khosrowshahi said he could see the commercialisation of the Uber Air flying taxi service taking to the skies within the next decade, and that he expects flying vehicles to eventually be ...

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Western pattern: ‘Seek out ethnic tensions, inflame & use as leverage to serve your agenda’

Presenting Russia as a boogeyman crushing an oppressed minority serves the ideological interests of the West and is part of an established pattern of Western behavior, independent political analyst Dan Glazebrook told RT. Some media outlets are accusing Russia of trying to erase Crimean Tatar culture after authorities moved to repair the crumbling Big Khan Mosque, which is one of ...

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Pro-govt Syrian fighters begin entering Kurdish Afrin despite Turkish threats – Syrian TV

Published time: 20 Feb, 2018 14:32 Edited time: 20 Feb, 2018 14:58 A convoy of fighters waving Syrian flags has apparently entered the northern Kurdish-held region of Afrin, which Turkey is targeting in a cross-border operation, footage on Syrian state TV shows. The pro-government fighters were filmed entering the village of Nubul in some 20 pickup trucks. An RT source ...

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Ancient elephants & Mayan shrine: Massive underwater caves reveal staggering history (VIDEO)

Archaeologists in Mexico have been showing off discoveries unearthed during their aquatic expeditions into the world’s largest underwater cave. Researchers from the Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) exploration and preservation group presented ancient relics recovered from the site on Monday, including fossils of a type of ancient elephant, giant sloths and a shrine to a Mayan god. It’s believed that desperate ...

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FSB victim or Neo-Nazi? Real story of Russian student ‘jailed for reposting 4 memes’

The sentencing of a Russian student to 30 months in a penal colony, purportedly for reposting four pictures as part of his dissertation research, has caused outrage. But the case is not as straightforward as it first seems. “Keeping up an appearance of fighting extremism,” shouted the headline in popular tabloid Moskovsky Komsomolets, which was contacted by the family of 23-year-old ...

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HRW suspends official with Tinder profile suggesting Auschwitz hair room is funny

Human Rights Watch said it is investigating one of its officials after a complaint from a pro-Israeli group, which said the man’s Tinder dating service account had a crude joke about the Holocaust. According to a screenshot of HRW Associate Director of Finance Matthew Myers’ profile posted by his accusers, he is looking “for the perfect Amazing Race partner” and ...

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