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Dormant Kadovar volcano erupts for 1st time in known history, prompting evacuations (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 08:37 A dormant volcano on Kadovar Island, northeast of Papua New Guinea, has erupted for the first time in known history, with a large plume of ash rising 2.1km above sea level, forcing the evacuation of over 500 residents. The 365-meter (1,197-ft) volcano started erupting on Friday, the Darwin Volcanic Ash Advisory Center said. The ...

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Intra-Korean talks are internal matter, foreign influence would create ‘complexity’ – KCNA

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 09:57 North Korea says the upcoming intra-Korean talks are a “great opportunity” for unification, but warns foreign parties against compromising the talks, state-run KCNA news agency said, commenting on a speech by Kim Jong-un. In the editorial published on Saturday, KCNA stressed that bilateral relations are an “internal matter of the Korean people” that should ...

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Iran’s Revolutionary Guard declares victory over unrest 'caused by foreign enemies’

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 08:51 Edited time: 7 Jan, 2018 08:57 Iran’s Revolutionary Guard has announced that government forces had “broken down the chain of unrest” which they say was fomented by foreign enemies of the Islamic Republic. “Iran’s revolutionary people along with tens of thousands of Basij forces, police and the Intelligence Ministry have broken down the chain ...

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The snow must go on: World’s largest ice festival kicks off in China (PHOTOS, VIDEOS)

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 07:27 The world’s largest ice festival has kicked off in Harbin, northeastern China and is expected to attract hundreds of thousands of visitors over the coming month. The 34th Harbin International Ice and Snow Sculpture Festival began on January 5 and will run until the end of February. Visitor numbers are expected to peak during ...

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32 people missing after 2 ships collide off Chinese coast

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 04:04 Edited time: 7 Jan, 2018 05:30 Two vessels have collided off the eastern coast of China, according to reports in Chinese media. Search and rescue operations are underway for 32 people who went missing in the collision. The collision between the Panama-registered oil tanker “SANCHI” and Hong Kong freighter “CF CRYSTAL” happened at around ...

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'There will soon be no Jews in France' as antisemitism escalates

The antisemitic sentiment already prevalent among French Jews will intensify in the wake of Donald Trump’s recognition of Jerusalem as the capital of Israel last month, locals believe. “Every day we have people who are hurt, every day we have people who are insulted,” Ricard Abitbol, President of The Confederation of Jews in France and Friends of Israel told RT. ...

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Fatally ill French baby found 'safe and sound' at uncle's home after being kidnapped by his father

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 04:56 A critically ill French infant kidnapped by his father from a hospital has been found, police said. The baby has been brought back to the medical facility in Toulouse to continue treatment. “Little Tizio, a 2-month-old infant, was found safe and sound at 8:55pm. Thank you all for your help,” the National Gendarmerie said ...

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The 4th dimension, but not as we know it: Scientists bend rules to catch glimpse of unknown

Two separate teams of scientists have bent the rules of physics to catch a glimpse of evidence on something which, technically, we shouldn’t be able to perceive: a fourth spatial dimension. Everyone is aware of our standard three dimensions of space and one dimension of time, but the two teams, one based in the US and the other in Europe, ...

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Pirate paper scraps reveal Blackbeard’s reading habits

Published time: 7 Jan, 2018 00:49 Tiny fragments of paper, recovered from the cannon of Blackbeard’s flagship, have provided remarkable insight into the reading habits of one of the world’s most renowned pirates. Archeologists from North Carolina’s Department of Natural and Cultural Resources (DNCR) miraculously discovered and conserved the tiny pieces of paper, something that rarely survives on a shipwreck ...

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'War that will destroy generations': Author of 'Yemeni Bride' graphic novel to RT

An Italian journalist who traveled to Yemen – originally to admire its culture, architecture and traditions – says the conflict is not only killing thousands now, but will ruin several generations to come. “Sadly what’s happening right now is something that will destroy generations. Not only those who are now in their 20s and 30s, but even those who are ...

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