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French jihadi wives captured by Kurds want to face trial in 'real country'

Lawyers representing a group of French jihadi wives being held captive by Kurdish fighters in Syria have filed a complaint for not letting the women face trial at home, on the grounds that Syrian Kurdistan is not a “real country.” A group of around 40 radicalized French women, along with their children and several men, are currently being held in ...

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Lost in time: Abandoned home encased in glistening sheets of ice and snow (VIDEO)

Winter’s frosty embrace has transformed an abandoned Russian residence into an incredible icy palace, where frozen stalagmites hang like chandeliers. The home in Ekaterinburg, where temperatures can easily reach minus 17 degrees celsius in January, appears locked in time thanks to a burst water mains that has almost entirely coated the interior rooms in ice. Footage from the house near ...

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Suspected hand grenade attack on police station in Malmo, Sweden

A loud bang has been heard at the police station in the Swedish city of Malmo. The explosion was caused by a hand grenade, according to news reports. “The place is locked off and the bombing group is on its way,” police spokeswoman Anna Goransson was quoted as saying by Aftonbladet. The alleged attack happened shortly after 9pm local time in ...

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Are US & Japan aiming their new missile defense at Russia & China?

Japan’s efforts to acquire the US missile defense systems under the pretext of a threat posed by North Korea have sparked concerns in Moscow. Experts believe the missiles might be deployed with an eye on Russia and China. Japan says that its decision to boost its ballistic missile defense system by approving the purchase and deployment of two Aegis Ashore ...

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Get out the way: Russian warplanes land on highway as part of tactical drill (VIDEO)

Russia’s military turned a highway into a runway for its fighter jets and bombers so that pilots could train landing on unprepared surfaces. Traffic on a federal highway in Russia’s Rostov region was temporarily halted for the tactical flight training of the mixed aviation unit of the army Air Force and Air Defense of the Southern Military District. Pilots of ...

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World’s ‘longest’ underwater cave system discovered in Mexico (VIDEO, PHOTOS)

A group of divers have connected what is believed to be the world’s longest flooded cave system near the Mexican coastal city of Tulum in Quintana Roo, home to the ancient Maya civilization. The Gran Acuifero Maya (GAM) exploration and preservation group finally identified two distinct series of caves as a singular system after years of exploring the labyrinthine underwater ...

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Speed fiend Swiss billionaire slapped with $320,000 ticket

Swiss pharmaceutical tycoon Ernesto Bertarelli has been fined 310,000 Swiss francs (US$ 320,000), after being caught driving 88km per hour in a 50 zone, local media report. Read more While a speeding ticket in the US might set you back a few hundred or perhaps even a few thousand dollars at most, that’s not always the case on the other ...

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Vancouver summit on N. Korea failed to provide alternative to Russian & Chinese proposals – Moscow

The joint US-Canada summit is just a “heavy-handed attempt” to undermine the decisions of the UNSC, Russia’s Foreign Ministry has said. It added that the meeting failed to provide an alternative to the Russian-Chinese initiative. Read more Participants at the Vancouver summit failed to provide any alternative to the existing Chinese-Russian roadmap for easing the Korean knot, the ministry said ...

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#Romanovs100: RT tells royal family’s story in new online photo-project

Learn about Russia’s last reigning royal family and their fate following the Revolution with RT’s new interactive project dedicated to the Romanovs. 2018 marks 100 years since the execution of the Romanov family. To commemorate this tragic event, RT cooperated with the State Archive of the Russian Federation to shine light on how the family lived. The result – a multi-platform online project ...

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Russia eyeing private military companies market with new legalization bid

Russian MPs are expected within weeks to submit a new draft law regulating private military companies. There is a global market for such services, and some argue Russia is missing out by keeping citizens in a legal minefield. Private military companies (PMC) are the modern-day incarnation of the ages-old institution of mercenary companies – professional soldiers ready to prop up ...

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