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‘Mentally ill’ person tries to breach into Russian embassy in Berlin to ‘request asylum’

German police have detained a suspicious person in front of the Russian embassy in Berlin after the allegedly mentally unstable man abandoned his car in front of the diplomatic compound and tried to enter it to request asylum. The Russian embassy reported that, according to preliminary data, a foreigner, presumed to be a citizen of Poland, stopped his car with ...

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Khashoggi's ‘murder kit’ x-ray PHOTOS revealed by Turkish media

Electroshock devices, scalpels and scissors were among the belongings of the Saudi “hitmen,” who left Turkey shortly after the disappearance of Jamal Khashoggi, Sabah newspaper reported, showing x-ray pictures of their luggage. The 15-member Saudi team, suspected of Khashoggi’s murder, carried the most peculiar items in their luggage, the x-ray photos published on Monday show. Such findings suggest that the ...

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Reaching for the stars: China creates nuke-powered fake sun that burns hotter than the real deal

Chinese researchers pushing to find a major clean energy source have created an incredible artificial sun that can reach temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius – a heat so intense it makes the real sun seem merely lukewarm. The earth-based solar simulator has reached mind-bending temperatures of 100 million degrees Celsius, the research team announced Tuesday. Now, that’s hot. For ...

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‘The tongue kills like a knife’: Pope Francis equates gossiping with terrorism

In a strongly worded warning, Pope Francis decried gossip as a form of “terrorism” which ruins reputations, and said that fake news is a modern day scourge of the church faithful. During his Wednesday address to the general public in St. Peter’s Square, the Pope explored the eighth commandment, “Thou shalt not bear false witness against thy neighbor.” Read more ...

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When pigs fly: Norway panics after foreign soldier brings bacon to NATO war games

NATO’s recent drills were designed to intimidate potential adversaries, but there was a fiercer enemy working behind the scenes: bacon. Norwegian authorities panicked after a foreign soldier brought in pork from his home country. There’s always someone who doesn’t follow the rules. While the 50,000 soldiers from 31 NATO and partner countries apparently knew they weren’t supposed to bring foreign ...

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