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‘Serious harm to sovereignty’: Beijing angry after US destroyer sails near disputed islands

The passage of a US Navy destroyer near the Chinese-claimed islands in the South China Sea was a major political and military provocation against Beijing, the Chinese Defense Ministry has warned. The USS Mustin came within 12 nautical miles of Mischief Reef in the Spratly Islands archipelago, known as Nansha Islands in China, Reuters reported Friday, citing unnamed officials. The ...

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Catalonia’s rebels: The jailed, exiled & persecuted independence leaders

When Catalonia, after a referendum, decided to become independent from Spain, Madrid responded with a swift and thorough crackdown. Politicians and activists were scooped up by the dozen, and 25 are facing decades in jail. The October 1 2017 independence referendum in Catalonia returned an overwhelming result in favor of secession, albeit at a below-50 percent turnout. At the end ...

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Musk v Facebook: SpaceX chief deletes account

It’s been a tough week for Facebook with the fall-out from the Cambridge Analytica scandal. Now the social media giant may have met its worst enemy yet – everybody’s favorite comic book supervillain, Elon Musk. Facebook has come under intense scrutiny following revelations that Cambridge Analytica harvested data from millions of people’s profiles to sell to the highest bidder. These ...

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Big business v the Amazon: The poisoned river that enraged a city

Owners of a giant bauxite processing plant in Brazil have admitted untreated water leaked into the Pará River, contaminating local drinking supplies. It’s feared the discharge may have caused people in the region to become ill. Norwegian energy company Norsk Hydro has apologized for the unauthorized drainage from parts of its Alunorte refinery, which sits in a forested outpost between ...

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Manipulative media monopoly: Kremlin spokesman says US & UK press has ruled world for decades

Media outlets based in the US and Britain have long enjoyed dominance in the global news market and have abused their position to manipulate audiences, a Kremlin spokesman told RT in an exclusive interview. Russia is currently being targeted by an unprecedented campaign in the West, aimed at undermining its resurgence, Dmitry Peskov told RT’s Sophie Shevardnadze. The media are ...

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Remember when Trump was anti-Iraq War? Bolton hire just start of U-turn

Despite being elected on an anti-interventionist program, Donald Trump has now surrounded himself with foreign policy hawks and Iraq war apologists. The new National Security Adviser, John Bolton, is just one of the wild bunch. Back in his pre-election days Trump was a vocal critic of American military adventurism. Notably in 2013, he outright said on Twitter “All former Bush ...

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