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Eli Manning accused of passing on fake game helmets to sellers

Eli Manning is in need of a good defense. Lawyers for a sports memorabilia dealer who claims Manning and Giants employees passed along bogus game-used helmets have filed new court paperwork that includes a potentially damning email from the two-time Super Bowl MVP. “2 helmets that can pass as game used. That is it. Eli,” the quarterback wrote to Giants ...

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Mets infielder Jose Reyes led ‘double life,' says ex-mistress

It looks like Jose Reyes prefers to manage a double-play off the field too. Reyes’ ex-girlfriend Christina Sanchez states the struggling third baseman’s on-the-field problems are because of a guilty conscience over the six-year affair he had with her and their 7-year-old child Liyah, whom she says, he deserted. Inning accordance with Sanchez, who’s suing Reyes for a considerable increase ...

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Trump's true target with the 'mother of all bombs?' North Korea

Give President Trump credit for one thing: The use of the largest non-nuclear bomb in America’s arsenal, the ‘mother of all bombs,’ was a genuinely creative way to threaten North Korea. His strike certainly sent a message to Afghanistan as well, and to ISIS, its target. The MOAB had never before been used. It was not meant for Afghanistan. Indeed, the ...

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United passenger could have millions coming his way: attorneys

The Kentucky doctor bloodied and yanked from a United Airlines flight — whose lawyer on Thursday said a suit was “probably” on the way — could walk away with millions, attorneys say. David Dao, 69, suffered a broken nose, sinus injury, “significant” concussion and two missing front teeth after Chicago aviation officers dragged him past alarmed passengers in the Sunday ...

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Teen denied double-lung transplant after smoking pot once: family

A teen was denied a double-lung transplant in Utah due to the fact that he smoked marijuana on Thanksgiving night with pals, his family said. Riley Hancey, 19, was eventually able to undergo the life-saving treatment in Philadelphia, however only after a physician had informed him to “get your affairs in order,” his dad informed TV station KSL.” I took ...

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Man indicted on murder charge in Tara Grinstead case

OCILLA, Ga. — A grand jury on Wednesday charged a man with killing a south Georgia teacher and former beauty queen who vanished nearly 12 years ago, a prosecutor said. Authorities in February announced the arrest of Ryan Alexander Duke, a former student at the school where Tara Grinstead taught in rural Irwin County before she disappeared in October 2005. ...

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Everything you need to know about the 'mother of all bombs'

It’s the U.S. military’s most devastating weapon, an explosive so massive it’s known as the “mother of all bombs.” An American aircraft targeting ISIS tunnels dropped the behemoth bomb in Afghanistan Thursday — marking the first time it’s been used in combat. The 21,600-pound, GPS-guided munition is America’s most powerful non-nuclear bomb. Officially named the GBU-43/B Massive Ordnance Air Blast ...

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U.S. drops its largest non-nuclear bomb for first time in combat

The United States dropped its largest-ever non-nuclear bomb for the first time ever Thursday, the White House said. The weapon, known as the “mother of all bombs,” has never before been used in combat. The U.S. Air Force dropped a 21,000-pound Massive Ordnance Air Blast Bomb on an eastern Afghanistan complex of caves and tunnels being used by ISIS fighters. ...

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Cocaine Cowboy arrested in Orlando after 26 years on the run

A member of the infamous “Cocaine Cowboys,” which ran drugs into Florida during the 1980s, has been arrested after running from police for 26 years. Gustavo Falcon was grabbed on Wednesday night and booked in Orlando County jail. Authorities said the 55-year-old — whose brother Augusto (Willie) Falcon got 20 years for smuggling — will appear before a judge Thursday ...

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Misdirected airstrike kills 18 allied fighters in Syria

< img src ="http://assets.nydailynews.com/polopoly_fs/1.3051395.1492091229!/img/httpImage/image.jpg_gen/derivatives/landscape_1200/afp-n0833.jpg"class="ff-og-image-inserted"/ > A misdirected airstrike in Syria this week killed 18 American-allied fighters fighting ISIS, the U.S. military announced Thursday. U.S. Central Command told the Associated Press that coalition aircraft were provided the wrong coordinates by the Kurdish Syrian Democratic Forces for a Tuesday strike meant for ISIS militants in a northern Syrian fortress. Instead, the strike ...

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