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2017 was a hot one for Earth – NASA

Earth’s long-term warming trend continued in 2017, with the average surface temperature only slightly below the record heat of the two previous years, according to US government scientists. The planet went through one of its warmest years on record in 2017, according to analyses from NASA and the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) on Thursday. NASA said 2017 was ...

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Have your freedom of press & and shut it – 'Two alternative universes in the US'

The US Senate didn’t care what Barack Obama did when it came to Russia, but it’s a very different ball game when it comes to Donald Trump, conservative commentator Steve Malzberg told RT America’s Ed Schultz. Senator Jeff Flake (R-Arizona) called out president Trump for his confrontational attitude towards the media Wednesday. Flake, who is not running for reelection, castigated ...

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‘He sold his badge to traffick drugs’: Deputy indicted after FBI sting

A Los Angeles County deputy sheriff has been charged with operating a drug-trafficking ring in which other officers were hired to act as enforcers for dealers. Kenneth Collins, 50, was arrested along with three other men in Pasadena Tuesday morning. The group is accused of offering protection services to an undercover team from the FBI for the transport of around ...

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‘The wall is the wall’: Trump blasts Kelly’s claims of Mexico border rollback

US President Donald Trump has strongly reasserted his commitment to building a wall along the Mexican border after White House Chief of Staff John Kelly said he had changed his mind on one of his main campaign pledges. Speaking to Hispanic lawmakers on Wednesday, Kelly said Trump was not “fully informed” about the situation when he pledged to build the ...

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US marshal killed, several police officers injured in Harrisburg shooting

A US marshal was killed and at least two officer were wounded when gunfire broke out during the service of a warrant, the mayor said. “Harrisburg mourns the loss this morning of a US Marshal who died protecting our residents. While service a warrant as part of the US Marshal’s task force, three officers were shot, including a Harrisburg police ...

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False alarm fallout: Hawaii lawmakers divided over missile early warning system

Hawaiian Senator Brian Schatz says his state will work on revamping its early-warning protocols in the wake of Saturday’s chaotic ballistic missile warning. Officials took more than 35 minutes to cancel the alert sent to mobile devices warning of an incoming missile – a lag that has revealed deep dysfunction in both state and federal responses. Speaking to the Honolulu ...

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16yo defendant killed by deputy in Ohio courtroom

A teenager has been shot dead following a disturbance during proceedings at a juvenile court in Columbus, Ohio. Joseph Haynes, who was in court charged with menacing with a firearm, was having his case heard at around 12.40pm local time Wednesday when a fight broke out involving a deputy from Franklin County Sheriff’s Office, the 16 year old and his ...

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Are you following? Tillerson admits using Trump’s tweets for setting foreign policy issues

US Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has admitted to printing out Donald Trump’s daily barrage of tweets in an apparent effort to adjust American foreign policy. He described the president as being “world-class at social media.” In a world when so much hinges on the simple press of a button – from launching a controversial tweet to launching a ballistic ...

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Rupert Murdoch ‘housebound’ after Caribbean sailing accident

Media mogul Rupert Murdoch is taking time away from his busy office schedule in a bid to recover from a serious back injury reportedly sustained during a sailing trip earlier this month. The 86-year-old billionaire, who is executive chairman of News Corp and 21st Century Fox, has informed staff that he will run his media empire from home due to ...

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Buses with Apple, Google employees pelted with stones in California

Shuttle buses carrying Apple and Google employees have been attacked with what police believe were either BB guns or rocks. Following the incident Apple said that some of its buses were temporarily rerouted. The incidents occurred while buses carrying Apple and Google employees were driving in both directions of Interstate 280 in the San Francisco Bay Area of Northern California ...

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