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Nuke jibes & epic handshakes: Trump’s year of shedding the presidential playbook

One year into his presidency, there were myriad ways Donald Trump broke the presidential mould, from excruciatingly lengthy handshakes with the French president, to verbal jousts with North Korea. Handshake battle The new president made an unexpected impression early on in the form of his incredibly distinctive handshakes, which became seen as some kind of barometer of his fitness for ...

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Tillerson lauds sanctions for dead & starving N. Korean fishers found off Japan coast

The US is “getting a lot of evidence” that UN sanctions “are really starting to hurt” North Korea, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson has said, referring to a recent incident regarding starving North Korean fishermen. On Wednesday, Tillerson said during an interview at Stanford University with former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice that earlier in the week, Japanese officials told ...

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California AG threatens bosses who rat out immigrant workers with $10k fine

Amid “rumors” of imminent large-scale immigration raids, California’s attorney-general is warning employers they will be fined up to $ 10,000 if they provide federal immigration officers with information on employees. At a press conference Thursday, the Golden State Attorney General Xavier Becerra (D) told employers that they are expected to abide by laws taking effect from 2018, furthering California’s “sanctuary state” image. Under AB 450, ...

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Turpin parents plead not guilty to child torture as horrific details emerge

A California couple who chained their 13 children to beds and punished them for washing their hands, pleaded not guilty to multiple counts of torture. The district attorney said the siblings lacked a “basic knowledge of life.” David Turpin, 57, and Louise Anna Turpin, 49, were arrested this week after authorities discovered 12 of their children were malnourished and being ...

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Huge tanker explosion forces highway shutdown in Utah (VIDEOS)

Published time: 19 Jan, 2018 03:33 Edited time: 19 Jan, 2018 03:59 A double-tanker truck loaded with gasoline has exploded on Interstate-15 in Salt Lake County, Utah, forcing the closure of the highway in both directions. Thankfully, no injuries have been reported. The vehicle fire occurred Thursday evening near the 7200 South area of I-15 in Midvale. The Utah Department ...

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House approves month-long funding, Senate to vote on potential govt shutdown

The US Senate has one day left to avert a government shutdown, after the GOP-controlled US House voted 230-197 to pass a short-term spending bill to keep the federal government open through to February 16. The House passed the measure known as a continuing resolution (CR) Thursday night. It reauthorizorizes the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) for six years, and ...

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Covfefe, Little Rocket Man and ‘stable genius’: A year of Trumpisms

The ‘fire and fury’ of US President Donald Trump has translated into many memorable phrases that have baffled, amused or infuriated observers. RT looks at the top quotes from the first year of his presidency. January 2017: ‘You are fake news’ Trump had famously sparred with the media throughout his campaign. He reserved his ire for BuzzFeed and CNN, however, ...

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Trump dumps on Dems, uses Pentagon in shutdown blame game

President Donald Trump said Democrats would bear responsibility for endangering the US military should Congress be unable to pass a short-term resolution to continue funding the government. “We’re just here to support the general and all of the generals. We’re here to support our country’s military,” Trump said outside the Pentagon on Thursday. “If the country shuts down, which could ...

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Nukes on Mars? NASA tests reactor to sustain human life (VIDEO)

NASA has carried out successful tests on a compact nuclear reactor which the space agency hopes will be able to sustain human settlements on the moon, Mars, and beyond. The reactor could power equipment to turn the Red Planet’s natural resources into water, oxygen and fuel. The agency, in conjunction with the US Department of Energy, announced the initial test ...

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2 boys arrested for vandalism that killed 500k bees

Police in Sioux City, Iowa have arrested two boys over a rampage that killed half a million bees at a local beekeeping business. The boys, ages 12 and 13, have been charged with criminal mischief, agricultural animal facilities offences, burglary, aggravated misdemeanour and possession of burglar’s tools. As they are underage, their names have not been released. The damage to ...

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