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Trump cancels June meeting with Kim – White House

US President Donald Trump has canceled a much-anticipated summit with North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, “based on the tremendous anger and open hostility” from Kim, who threatened the US with a “nuclear-to-nuclear showdown.” “I was very much looking forward to being there with you. Sadly, based on the tremendous anger and open hostility displayed in your most recent statement, I ...

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Fear and loathing and nuclear weapons: US troops on missile base regularly used LSD

The security of the US’ nuclear arsenal once lay in the hands of a few young men warped on hallucinogenic drugs. Records obtained by AP show that troops at a high-security nuke base in Wyoming bought, distributed, and used LSD. After an airman made a social media post of himself smoking a joint, Air Force investigators were on the case, ...

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Newly-released Pentagon report says Pyongyang sees nukes as key to its survival

With uncertainty surrounding the summit between Donald Trump and North Korean leader Kim Jong-un, the Pentagon has pulled a trump card, releasing a February report that finds no reason for Kim to abandon nuclear weapons. The DOD’s report on ‘Military and Security Developments Involving the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea’ draws on data obtained before December 15, meaning it neither ...

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Trump meets with families of MS-13 victims as media look the other way

President Donald Trump pushed for tougher immigration laws in a meeting with family members of MS-13 victims, calling the gang members ‘animals’ again. Media outlets hostile to Trump either ignored the event or called it racist. Flanked by Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein, several lawmakers and Homeland Security officials, Trump heard testimonies from parents of teens brutally killed by the ...

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Elon Musk's ‘Pravda’ to rate credibility of journalists & publications

Tech entrepreneur Elon Musk appears to have declared war on the media, tweeting that he was launching a site that would let the public rate the credibility of journalists, editors and publications – which he will call “Pravda.” Annoyed by the recent media coverage of him and his companies, Musk fired off a series of tweets on Wednesday, culminating with ...

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‘You sign off on genocide’: Protesters attack Haley over Palestine (VIDEO)

UN Ambassador Nikki Haley received the wrong kind of welcome at the University of Houston when she was met with chants accusing her of having blood on her hands and of signing off on genocide in her support for Israel. Haley was mere moments into her speech at the university on Tuesday and had just referred to the “very busy ...

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Liberals are suddenly defending conservative firebrand Tomi Lahren. Here’s why.

Conservative commentator and all-around object of liberal hatred Tomi Lahren has found herself in a strange situation: liberals are suddenly defending her. Over the weekend, Lahren was at a restaurant in Minneapolis with her mother when a random diner who was irked by Lahren’s presence decided to chuck a glass of water at her. The incident was caught on camera ...

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Fragile: Pentagon report raises alarm that US industry can’t support war for much longer

Between globalization and nearly 20 years of constant warfare, the industrial part of the US military-industrial complex is not looking so good, putting future wars at risk, according to a new Pentagon report. The Annual Industrial Capabilities report, published by the Pentagon’s Office of Manufacturing and Industrial Base Policy, warns that reliance on foreign-sourced materials combined with “twenty years of ...

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Conservative student booed at graduation, chronicles 'harassment' at liberal college

A conservative student at a Massachusetts liberal arts college was booed by liberal students at her college graduation ceremony — and now she has chronicled the ‘harassment’ she said she faced as a student with conservative views. Kassy Dillon, who was a Republican student at Mount Holyoke College and the founder of the Lone Conservative website, decorated her graduation cap ...

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Get out! Desperate parents win lawsuit against 30yo son who refused to leave home

Most parents assume they’ll be empty nesters by the time their kids reach their 30s, but that wasn’t the case for one couple. They were so tired of their grown son refusing to leave their house that they sued him – and won. Read more Although the typical 30-year-old has moved out of their parents’ house and might be married ...

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