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Pervasive… just a click away… not yet: US security chiefs fan Russia election-meddling scare

Russia and unnamed others are still seeking to influence US midterm elections through messaging and sowing division, heads of the ODNI, FBI, DHS, and NSA told reporters, pledging to protect democracy but offering no details. In a rare appearance before the White House press corps, Director of National Intelligence Dan Coats, Homeland Security Secretary Kirstjen Nielsen, FBI Director Christopher Wray, ...

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No to Austin, Yes to Barack Obama Elementary: What America is doing to itself with renaming frenzy

The purge of historical names – Austin, Texas is this week’s target – is not about liberals “fighting the legacy of slavery” while conservatives call them “virtue-signaling snowflakes.” The battle goes beyond symbols or history. Most headlines generated by the Austin Equity Office’s written assessment of Confederate “hate symbols” focused on the suggestion that the state capital’s very name should ...

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Active shooter reported at Wright-Patterson Air Force Base, Ohio

Emergency services have been called to Wright-Patterson Air Force Base in Ohio, amid reports of an active shooter. “At approximately 12:40 p.m. today, base emergency responders, including security forces and fire department, responded to a reported incident in building 830, the Wright-Patt Hospital,” base officials tweeted. “There are no additional details at this time.” Local media reports a massive police ...

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Bear rips car to shreds after becoming trapped inside (VIDEO)

A Colorado family may need a new car after a bear became trapped inside and left an unbelievable path of destruction in its wake. The bear found itself trapped inside a Subaru in Conifer, Colorado on Monday. The Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office released a video showing the bear being released – and documenting the utter carnage it left behind. “We’ve ...

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Facebook’s ‘Russia paranoia?’ Anti-white supremacist page deleted in ‘bad actor’ purge

Facebook’s latest clampdown on ‘inauthentic’ political activity has seen it shut down pages belonging to activists arranging an anti-fascist event. The organizers responded in anger, accusing the social media giant of censorship. Facebook’s latest clampdown on ‘inauthentic’ political activity has seen it shut down pages belonging to activists arranging an anti-fascist event. The organizers responded in anger, accusing the social ...

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Paul Manafort ‘guilty of crimes against fashion’ – but still no Russian collusion

With US mainstream media desperately trying to present Paul Manafort’s trial through the prism of ‘Russia collusion,’ one would expect evidence. But so far, the prosecution has proved only the lobbyist’s questionable taste. Manafort is the first member of Donald Trump’s campaign team to be indicted by Special Counsel Robert Mueller and brought to trial. While Mueller’s investigation set out ...

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Gag order: Judge literally orders prisoner’s mouth to be taped shut in court (VIDEO)

A Ohio judge ordered a prisoner’s mouth be taped shut in court because the defendant wouldn’t stop talking. Disturbing video shows six deputies surrounding the man before gagging him. Ohio judge John Russo ordered court deputies to shut the mouth of defendant Franklyn Williams during his sentencing hearing at the Cuyahoga County Common Pleas Court on Tuesday. READ MORE: Judge ...

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General Electric engineer charged with stealing trade secrets encrypted in sunset picture

Xiaoqing Zheng, 55, a US citizen with interests in several Chinese businesses – some state-funded – has been charged with stealing troves of General Electric data using sophisticated encryption. He faces up to 10 years in jail. FBI agents handling the engineer’s case say it is the first time they have seen a suspect using this method of encryption, “uncommon ...

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Trump thanks Kim for sending home remains of US soldiers, hopes to meet ‘soon’

US President Donald Trump thanked North Korean leader Kim Jong-un for handing over the remains of dozens of US soldiers who died during the Korean War, adding that he received a “nice letter” from Kim and hopes to see him soon. Trump, who used to refer to Kim Jong-un as “little rocket man,” showed his gratitude by praising the North ...

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'Twitter interfering in elections on Dems' side' – Republican candidate banned over Stalin gif

Austin Petersen, a Republican candidate in the Missouri Senate primaries who was banned from Twitter after posting one of the social network’s own images in an online debate, told RT that the site is a “threat to democracy.” “Twitter is directly interfering with the election in the state of Missouri at the behest of a Democratic Super PAC that is ...

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