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US teacher faces 6 months in jail for feeding live puppy to turtle in front of students

A science teacher in Idaho, who fed a sick puppy to a turtle in front of his students, has been accused of animal cruelty and faces a possible six-month prison sentence, as well as a fine of $ 5,000, if found guilty of misdemeanor. Robert Crosland of Preston Junior High School was charged on Friday, after an investigation by the ...

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Rudy Giuliani: Trump ‘probably’ has the power to pardon himself

Rudy Giuliani has caused quite a stir on social media, after saying that US President Donald Trump would “probably” be able to pardon himself. He was answering a question related to Robert Mueller’s ‘Russiagate’ probe. The president’s personal attorney made the remarks on ABC’s ‘The Week’ program on Sunday. Asked whether Trump has the power to pardon himself, Giuliani claimed ...

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Drone footage shows crater the size of ‘90 football fields’ at summit of Kilauea volcano (VIDEO)

Amazing new drone footage of the mouth of Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano has revealed the extent of damage caused by explosive eruptions that have plagued residents of the Pacific island. READ MORE: Hawaii’s Kilauea volcano erupts, sending plume of ash 30,000ft into air (PHOTOS, VIDEOS) The video shows intense steaming around the Halemaumau Crater, a pit found within the much larger ...

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Dancing FBI agent accidentally fires gun, injures Denver nightclub patron

An off-duty FBI agent dropped his gun on a nightclub dancefloor and accidentally fired the weapon while trying to retrieve it, injuring an unfortunate reveller at the club in Denver, Colorado. The victim, whose identity was not released, suffered a gunshot injury to his lower leg and was taken to hospital with a “good prognosis,” according to local media. Denver police ...

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Disney feels the Bern: Sanders slams CEO’s $423mn bonus while staff struggle

Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders took aim at Disney and ABC News on Twitter, delivering a stinging tweet that took aim at both corporate media self-censorship and Disney’s failure to adequately pay workers. “I have a feeling ABC will not be asking on its nightly news program tonight how Disney can make $ 9 billion in profits while three-quarters of Disneyland ...

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‘It’s incredibly expensive to be poor in America’ – Redacted Tonight

The Redacted Tonight team takes a look at the striking number of poor people – 40 million – living in the United States, despite the country having a reputation as being one of the wealthiest and most successful in the world. “About 40 million live in poverty, 18.5 million in extreme poverty, and 5.3 million live in Third World conditions ...

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Trainee pilot lands plane on California street at rush hour (PHOTOS, VIDEO)

A pilot made a miraculous emergency landing on a busy California street on Friday. The speeding plane somehow managed to avoid cars, people, and a mass of electric cables. The Cessna 172 aircraft made its death-defying landing near Hamilton Avenue and Magnolia Street in Huntington Beach just before 5pm. The pilot, who was reportedly just a trainee, experienced engine trouble ...

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‘The best interests of the people’: Ex-US top spy Clapper justifies election interference

Fret not, people of the over 80 countries where the US has interfered in elections – it was done in your “best interests,” according to former head of US Intelligence James Clapper. Clapper, who famously lied about the NSA mass surveillance program before it was revealed by Edward Snowden, is back in the media spotlight, promoting his new book ‘Facts ...

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Google to scrap controversial AI project with Pentagon after employees revolt – reports

Google decided not to renew a controversial AI contract with the Pentagon after receiving backlash from its employees, reports say. The company’s staff earlier said they didn’t want the product to be used for war. Diane Greene, the CEO of Google Cloud, said the tech giant won’t renew its contract with the Pentagon, Gizmodo and the New York Times report ...

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‘Loss of father of 3 only worth a penny’: Family lawyer on man killed by cop tells RT

The attorney of a family, whose father was shot dead by police inside his own garage, cannot imagine how to tell the three children the young man left behind that their “pain and suffering… is only worth a penny,” he told RT. Gregory Hill was killed by police in Florida in January 2014 when they were responding to a noise ...

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