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Ex-CIA deputy chief & Republican trade barbs in furious row over security clearance claim (VIDEO)

Former CIA Deputy Director Philip Mudd and GOP strategist Paris Dennard exchanged stinging barbs during a heated debate on CNN over John Brennan’s security clearance being revoked. The verbal cross-fire occurred on Friday when Dennard, a supporter of US President Donald Trump, accused Mudd of profiting from his security clearance, which can give former US intelligence officials access to sensitive ...

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‘Babes for Trump’: Instagram account collects images of hot supporters (PHOTOS)

A risque Instagram account named ‘Babe for Trump’ is showing that it’s not just far-right advocates and run-of-the-mill Republicans that support the 45th US president, but sexy conservatives too. Much like calendars featuring pinup models, the account is designed to get viewers hot and heavy while making a pretty penny by shifting some pricey Trump centric merchandise. Many of the ...

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Treason or no treason? Ex-CIA chief Brennan now not so sure about famous Trump/Putin 'Treason' tweet

When ex-CIA chief John Brennan said last month’s Trump/Putin summit was “nothing short of treasonous,” he earned thousands of retweets and became a #resistance hero. But he didn’t actually mean treason. Confused? You should be. Speaking on MSNBC’s ‘Rachel Maddow Show,’ Brennan explained that Trump’s much-criticized meeting with Putin in July, during which the president refused to press his Russian ...

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Lockheed Martin receives bloody images instead of cool weapons photos in failed Twitter campaign

Lockheed Martin’s social media appeal to send them the best photos of its products went horribly awry, as unimpressed Twitterati responded with gruesome images of the horrors of war. The world’s largest defense contractor and one of the top defense manufacturers posted a tweet last week, asking Twitter users to send them an “amazing photo” of a Lockheed Martin item. ...

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Sacha Baron Cohen tricks food critic into praising 'butter soft human flesh'

In a new episode of his ridicule-ridden show ‘Who is America?’ notorious comedian Sacha Baron Cohen pokes fun at pretentious haute cuisine aficionados by treating a food critic to a bite of what he claims is human flesh. Baron Cohen’s show thrives on duping Americans into seriously accepting ridiculous propositions and situations, like using a pork shield against Islamic terrorists, ...

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Harvey Weinstein's accuser had sex with 17-year-old, paid him $380k hush money – report

Asia Argento, an Italian actress and director at the forefront of the #MeToo campaign that brought down producer Harvey Weinstein over sexual assault, herself reportedly assaulted an underage actor, and paid him to stay silent. Court documents reportedly seen by the New York Times outline allegations by Jimmy Bennet, actor and rock musician, who says Argento sexually assaulted him when ...

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No soda for you! California bill wants to restrict kids from drinking sugary drinks at restaurants

A California bill wants to curb the amount of sugary drinks consumed by children by having restaurants provide two default choices – water or milk. Some parents are angry, saying the state shouldn’t interfere in the matter. The bill, which is aimed at tackling childhood obesity, would require that children are served milk or water unless a parent explicitly asks ...

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'Where's the evidence?' Chicago community shocked after teen kills himself while running from police

A Chicago community is in disbelief after a 16-year-old African-American teen reportedly shot himself while running from officers after they tried to question him about being in possession of a weapon. The incident unfolded just before 7pm local time on Friday, when police spotted Steven Rosenthal with a gun and tried to talk to him, according to the Chicago Police ...

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Not just Russians: China, North Korea, Iran may target US elections, Bolton says without proof

The upcoming 2018 US midterm elections might be targeted by Russia, China, North Korea, and Iran, National Security Advisor John Bolton has warned, while declining to provide any evidence. “I can say definitively that it’s a sufficient national security concern about Chinese meddling, Iranian meddling, and North Korean meddling that we’re taking steps to try to prevent it, so it’s ...

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