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White House Panel’s NSA Limits Fall Short, Critics Say

A review group formed by the Obama administration recommends the National Security Agency end bulk data collection due to its “potential risks to public trust, personal privacy and civil liberty.” A White House advisory report published Wednesday makes 46 recommendations to reform the National Security Agency, including a proposal for the agency to seek phone and Internet records through court ...

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Sen. Max Baucus Expected to Be Ambassador to China

Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., is expected to be nominated as U.S. ambassador to China before his term ends. The White House will nominate Sen. Max Baucus, D-Mont., to be the next U.S. ambassador to China, multiple sources confirmed Wednesday. It is unclear, however, when Baucus, 72, would take the post. [READ: Veteran Montana Democrat Baucus to Retire] If Baucus assumes ...

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Will Ferrell: Michelle O Loved the Nasty ‘Landlord’ Skit

Will Ferrell says Michelle Obama told him she and her staff loved his comedy sketch “The Landlord,” in which a toddler plays his landlord. “Anchorman 2” star Will Ferrell has received plenty of compliments for his comedy – including the Kennedy Center’s Mark Twain Prize for Humor – but he says one of the best came from first lady Michelle ...

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Is Congress Looking for Aliens?

The House Committee on Science, Space and Technology spent its valuable time Wednesday to discuss what methods are being used to determine if life exists elsewhere in the universe. Former House Speaker Newt Gingrich wants a colony on the moon and NASA plans to grow turnips and basil there just in case. So its no wonder that the House of Representatives would ...

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Massachusetts Proves the Common Core Education Standards Can Work

The success of the Massachusetts approach has important implications, especially as states roll out the new Common Core standards. The Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development released the results of the international exams known as PISA yesterday, and most educators will not be surprised by the bad news. The results of the exams, which tests high schoolers in more than ...

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Don’t Be Scared of Emerging Markets

Tim McCarthy If you looked back at many stories on investing in emerging markets over the past decade, you may have thought this category should not be a part of your total portfolio. Many retirees continue to think emerging markets are still too dangerous for investing. Yet what they are missing is just how many of these countries have now ...

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Top Hezbollah Leader Gunned Down Outside Beirut

Yellow tape seals off the scene where Hassan al-Laqis, a senior commander for the Lebanese militant group Hezbollah, was gunned down outside his home in southwest of Beirut. A top Hezbollah commander and founding member of the militant political group was slain by a group of gunmen outside his home south of Beirut early Wednesday. Hassan al-Laqis, Hezbollah’s top procurement ...

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The NFL Doesn’t Need Tax Exempt Status

The question about the National Football League’s nonprofit status is about far more than the NFL and sports leagues. Fundamentally, this is a debate about the tax code and what kind of relationship taxpayers want with the federal government. First, some context: Few Americans realize that every year Congress sets aside nearly $ 1 trillion for what are called tax ...

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Don’t Strip Away the NFL’s Tax Exempt Status

Every dollar of income that is earned in the National Football League – from game tickets, television rights fees, jersey sales and national sponsorships – is subject to tax. None of this income is shielded in a tax-exempt entity. Instead, the NFL’s 32 clubs pay tax on all of these revenues. Claims that the NFL is using a tax exemption ...

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‘Do-Nothing’ Congress Was Way More Productive Than the Current One

Despite being known as the “Do-nothing Congress,” the 80th Congress still passed more than 900 bills during its two years in office. The current Congress, meanwhile, has only passed 52 laws this year. In 1948, a stonewalled and exasperated President Harry Truman campaigned against the 80th “do-nothing” Congress, a gridlocked legislative body that at the time was unlike any prior ...

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