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Jesus’ ‘brother James’ mentioned in ancient Christian document found at Oxford

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 10:53 Edited time: 1 Dec, 2017 10:56 A manuscript of ancient alternative Christian teachings has been found by two researchers from the University of Texas. The manuscript, found at Oxford University, describes Jesus’ relationship with a brother called James. The Greek-language scripture is being labelled as part of the Nag Hammadi Codex, a collection of ...

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‘Thousands’ of porn images on Damian Green’s office computer, detective claims

Theresa May’s cabinet is facing yet another setback as her effective deputy Damian Green has been accused of “extensively engaging with” pornographic material in his Commons office. The allegations date back to 2008. A former Scotland Yard detective said he was shocked by the “thousands” of pornographic images he allegedly discovered on Green’s computer at the time Green was the ...

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Trump state visit to UK ‘not expected’ after Britain First Twitter spat – diplomat

Published time: 1 Dec, 2017 09:17 The UK-US ‘special relationship’ has been rocked by the unprecedented row between Donald Trump and Theresa May – which started over a Twitter spat. Now, POTUS has delayed his visit to the UK, just as the PM is urged to rescind his invitation altogether. The president started an almighty fall-out on Wednesday when he ...

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Tony Blair insists it’s never too late for Britain to change its mind about Brexit

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair says he will fight for Britain’s right to change its mind on Brexit. He claims that as the difficulty of leaving the EU becomes clearer, the UK’s feelings about Brexit will change. Speaking to French newspaper Le Figaro, Blair, who has not held elected office for 10 years, said: “My country has the right to ...

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Terrorists could use murderous robots to kill us all, experts tell House of Lords

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 18:01 Terrorists could soon use swarms of killer robots to launch lethal attacks against the West, the vice-president of a European defense giant has warned. Thales VP Alvin Wilby told a House of Lords committee that it’s only a matter of time. While a visit from Skynet’s T-800 Model 101 Terminator isn’t too likely, an ...

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Trump tweeted wrong @TheresaMay – this one is ‘a mom from Bognor’ & she wants an apology

Published time: 30 Nov, 2017 18:03 Theresa May has demanded an apology from the White House. No, not the British prime minister – the Theresa May that Donald Trump accidentally tagged on Twitter. The wrong Theresa May, aka Theresa May Scrivener, or @theresamay, was hit with a barrage of tweets on Wednesday when the president of the United States mistakenly ...

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Nazi attacks & homelessness: Calais migrants head for Britain because Europe is too hostile

Migrants in Calais told RT they are fighting to reach the UK because other European states offer them nothing but abuse and destitution. This is despite EU promises they would be integrated into society. Syrian, Afghan, and Iraqi families have fled nations including Germany and Italy where they say they were “hated” and shunned when applying for jobs – a ...

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Financial crisis forgiven? Caps on bankers’ bonuses could be scrapped post-Brexit

Brexit isn’t all bad for the financial sector. Britain could be about to roll back the cap on bankers’ bonuses once all that pesky EU red tape is out of the way. It’s like the financial crisis and years of austerity never happened. Current EU rules mean bankers’ bonuses can only go as high as their basic salary, or double ...

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Pumping Iron Age! Ancient women had much stronger arms than today’s female sports stars

Women in Europe’s ancient civilizations had stronger arms than elite female sports stars do today thanks to the grind of farming life, scientists say. The research shows women were a driving force behind the socio-cultural development of agrarian communities. A study of bones belonging to women who lived in central Europe between 5300 BC to around 100 AD reveals manual ...

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Delete Trump’s Twitter account after Britain First ‘hate crime’ retweets, Tory MPs say

Conservative MPs are calling for Twitter to suspend Donald Trump’s account after the US president shared inflammatory anti-Muslim videos, originally posted by far-right group Britain First. Even Home Secretary Amber Rudd didn’t reject the idea. President Trump has been met with ire from both politicians and the public, with UK PM Theresa May condemning the Donald’s actions on Tuesday. [embedded ...

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