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Boris Johnson under fire for saying £350m NHS Brexit pledge was ‘underestimated’

Boris Johnson has reignited the row over his controversial claim that Brexit would mean Britain would have £350 million ($ 483 million) extra a week to spend on the NHS by saying the figure was a “gross underestimate.” The foreign secretary has claimed that the UK is already contributing £362 million ($ 500 million) a week to the European Union, ...

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Tory posters ‘stigmatize all homeless,’ suggest beggars want money for drugs

A Tory council is facing a backlash for “demonizing” rough sleepers by urging the public not to give money to homeless people because they might be faking their impoverished condition. The posters have been scattered around the city of Gloucester. They appear to discourage the public from giving money to the homeless, as they may be better off than they ...

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‘Systematically murdered’: Cancer-stricken Brit detained in Dubai describes ‘barbaric’ treatment

A British cancer victim claims he was being “systematically murdered by negligence and medical inexperience” while locked up in a Dubai prison for carrying “too much” of his prescribed medicine. Perry Coppins, 61, was arrested in Dubai in November on the charge of possession and intent to use controlled drugs. He was only released and allowed to return to the ...

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Mail on Sunday unleashes single third-hand quote to smear entire nation of footballers

The Mail on Sunday has unleashed another exhaustively researched story to make extra sure that nations competing in Russia’s 2018 World Cup really come together in the spirit of hate for the host nation. This time it rehashes second-hand evidence that Moscow was intending to drug its footballers. The newspaper continues to pioneer its own brand of highly efficient journalism, ...

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UKIP is a mess’: Fury among supporters as chaos strikes party and leaders do battle on FACEBOOK

Nigel Farage’s UKIP is falling apart around new leader Henry Bolton’s ears – despite the party claiming that it is preparing “to go to war” to defend Brexit. The right-wing party is collapsing after the leader’s personal life became a subject of public embarrassment. Bolton left his wife to start dating a 25-year-old UKIP activist. Days later, it emerged that ...

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Profit over life: UK blasted for post-Brexit boost in arms sales to repressive regimes

The UK government has been accused of giving “uncritical support” to some of the world’s most repressive regimes, as figures reveal it increased its arms sales to ‘not-free’ countries by nearly a third since the Brexit vote. Prior to his resignation last year, Defence Secretary Michael Fallon vowed that Britain would “spread its wings across the world” through its weapons ...

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UK scrambles 2 RAF Typhoon fighter jets to intercept Russian planes

Britain scrambled two Royal Air Force Typhoon jets from Scotland to intercept Russian planes close to the United Kingdom’s airspace, a defence ministry spokesman said. The Typhoons took off from RAF Lossiemouth in Moray, Scotland, at around 9:30 am to tackle the alleged encroachment. A RAF spokesman said: “This is a live operation and therefore we will not be providing ...

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Richard Branson orders Virgin Trains to restock Daily Mail amid ‘censorship’ accusation

British tycoon Richard Branson has ordered Virgin Trains to restock the Daily Mail amid concerns that its decision last week to stop selling the paper had amounted to “censorship.” Virgin Trains last week announced it would stop supplying its customers with the right-wing tabloid as it “was not compatible with the VT brand and our beliefs.” Read more The Daily ...

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Macron vs May: France to offer UK Brexit olive branch… in exchange for migrants & money

Britain could be backed into a corner and forced to take on more migrants and refugees – while paying millions of pounds to France – as French President Emmanuel Macron seeks to extend his influence in the European Union. Read more The young French leader is rumored to be plotting an offer for UK Prime Minister Theresa May which would ...

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UKIP leader ditches lover over baby rape jokes, Meghan Markle racial abuse

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has dumped the model lover he left his wife for, just days after it emerged she sent racist texts about Prince Harry’s fiancée Meghan Markle and joked about baby rape, according to reports. Party insiders say Bolton was told to end the relationship or quit from the top of the right-wing party. Bolton told ITV’s GMB ...

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