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Activists storm ‘racist’ Winston Churchill-themed cafe

Protesters who stormed a Winston Churchill-themed cafe to chant the wartime leader was a “racist” and demand the eatery apologize to the community have been slammed online as “pathetic” and “snowflakes.” Police were called when nine protesters stormed the Blighty UK cafe in Finsbury Park in London, where customers can drink out of Churchill-adorned mugs and pose beside a replica ...

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Brits plan 'biggest protest in UK history' against Donald Trump's visit

Campaigners are rallying for the “biggest protest in British history” on London’s streets against Donald Trump’s visit. It comes as the US President insisted he is “very popular” in the UK. Trump has claimed he will travel to Britain for an official state visit in October this year, and that he was invited by Prime Minister Theresa May twice. At ...

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Tory MPs call on Theresa May to grow Brexit backbone or face leadership spill

Prime Minister Theresa May could face a vote of no confidence if she doesn’t offer more clarity on leaving the EU, senior Tories have warned. MPs are growing restless over the future of a Brexit deal. Pro-brexit Tories are in open revolt, and others are warning the PM she needs to shape up or ship out. Unless she takes a ...

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Did Gavin Williamson make alarmist Russia accusations to deflect attention from his affair?

Defence secretary Gavin Williamson has been busy. In the space of one day he has saturated the media, accusing Russia of spying on the UK’s power grids to distract us all from another juicy tidbit: he’d been cheating on his wife. On Friday it was Williamson’s name on everyone’s lips. Did he really just say that Russia is coming to ...

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5 Britons arrested over ‘pornographic dancing’ in Cambodia (GRAPHIC PHOTOS)

Five British men are among a group of young tourists being held in Cambodia after they were allegedly photgraphed engaging in “pornographic dancing” at a local bar. WARNING: Contains images some may find disturbing The group of eight men and two women, ranging in age from 19 to 35, hail from Britain, Canada, The Netherlands, Norway and New Zealand. They ...

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‘Ready to die’: Transgender woman on hunger strike in UK male prison

A 50-year-old transgender woman has gone on hunger strike in an all-male prison in Lancashire, in the north-west of Britain. A petition has been started to have Dean, diagnosed with gender dysphoria, moved to a female facility. The trans woman, who is being held at HMP Preston, is protesting over the Ministry of Justice’s “nightmare” refusal to recognize her gender. ...

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‘I’m coming for you Crypto’: May makes a beeline for bitcoin

Theresa May and her cronies are starting to sound like a broken record. The UK PM has once more pointed out how encryption tech and cryptocurrencies can be used by criminals, urging people to be “cautious” with bitcoin. Speaking at the World Economic Forum in Davos, Switzerland, Prime Minister May warned about the dangers of cryptocurrencies… while hardly giving the ...

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Exclusive: UKIP leader admits he loves ex-girlfriend despite racist comments

UKIP leader Henry Bolton has admitted, exclusively to RT, that he is still in love with his former partner Jo Marney, despite the on-off couple facing a massive backlash over her racist comments. Bolton told Sam Delaney, host of RT’s talk show News Thing, that there are still “deep feelings there,” while denying the couple were still an item. “The ...

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Child ‘soaking in his underwear’ seeks help in storm before disappearing, sparking police search

Police are investigating a bizarre case in Kent after residents called officers to say a half-dressed child was running around in the pouring rain pleading with strangers for help, before fleeing into the night. Concerned adults rushed to seek assistance on Tuesday night after the boy, thought to be aged around 12, banged on doors for help. Despite rain and ...

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Cannabis ‘social’ club becomes first in UK to be backed by police

A cannabis club where people can smoke freely while watching TV or playing pool has been backed by police in the UK. Users at the Teeside Cannabis Club, the first of its kind, pay an annual £35-membership to get high in peace. The Middlesbrough club, set up by Michael Fisher four years ago, allows for guests to make use of ...

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