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Afghan opium production at record high despite British troops dying to stamp it out

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 09:12 Opium production in Afghanistan has almost doubled this year over 2016, according to a United Nations survey. As the Taliban returns to territory liberated by UK forces in 2001, the booming drugs industry is further proof the war failed in its basic aims. One of the justifications given by former Prime Minister Tony Blair ...

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‘We will win!’ Puigdemont to talk Catalan independence as Alex Salmond Show debuts on RT

Published time: 16 Nov, 2017 08:10 Edited time: 16 Nov, 2017 08:22 A defiant Carles Puigdemont says he’s confident the Catalan independence movement will prevail as he joins Alex Salmond, an outspoken proponent of Scottish departure from the UK, on Salmond’s new show set to premiere on RT. Puigdemont, the first guest to appear on RT’s ‘Alex Salmond Show’, said ...

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Researcher finds just 400 tweets from Russia aimed at Brexit vote

The claims around alleged Russian meddling in British politics has been stirred by allegations that fake Twitter accounts attempted to influence the Brexit vote. But while the mere suggestion was enough to make mainstream headlines, little was said about the “infinitesimal” quantity of tweets involved. According to Sky News, fake Twitter accounts created by an outlet known as the Russian ...

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Scot to be kidding: ‘Russian troll’ turns out to be Glasgow security guard

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 17:04 Edited time: 15 Nov, 2017 17:32 A Twitter handle alleged to be a prime example of a ‘Russian troll’ account was actually run from Glasgow by a Scottish security guard. Asked about his tweets, the Scotsman said he is “just anti-crony capitalism.” On Monday, crowdfunded journalism outlet Byline published an article detailing a “complicated” ...

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Jesus Crust! Greggs bakery attacked for replacing Son of God with sausage roll

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 17:49 Popular British bakery Greggs has come under fire after replacing baby Jesus with a sausage roll in a picture promoting its new advent calendar. The chain was forced to apologize after the stunt got a rise out of social media. The picture promoting Greggs’ new £24 (US$ 31) advent calendar features a nativity scene ...

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Trident whistleblower: ‘Only a matter of time before Britain’s insecure military bases are attacked’

Security concerns raised by Royal Navy whistleblower William McNeilly have been vindicated yet again, this time by a top military official. Defence Police Federation chairman Eamon Keating has told Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson that budget cuts have left military bases open to attack. In 2015, McNeilly leaked a report to WikiLeaks detailing safety and security failures aboard the UK’s Trident ...

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No evidence of Russian interference in Brexit, Theresa May admits in parliament

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 15:06 Edited time: 15 Nov, 2017 15:17 Theresa May has rejected allegations that Russia interfered in the Brexit referendum. Speaking during Prime Minister’s Questions, she stated: “If they care to look at the speech on Monday, they will see that the examples I gave were not in the UK.” During a speech May gave at ...

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Queen Elizabeth II will be the world’s oldest head of state if Robert Mugabe is toppled

Robert Mugabe’s home is under siege and the Zimbabwean military has declared control of the nation’s capital. It appears the rule of the world’s oldest head of state may be over. Mugabe, who is 93, is the oldest serving head of state. Queen Elizabeth II of England trails narrowly behind at age 91. If the Mugabe regime does in fact ...

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Daily Mail publishes major scoop… the location of RT’s evil London lair

The Daily Mail, the very symbol of journalistic integrity in Britain, has scored a major coup – it has revealed the location of RT’s UK office. We haven’t been able to confirm the number of investigative journalists involved in finding the address – presumably by googling it. The biggest surprise to dedicated Daily Mail readers will be that RT is ...

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‘Future of ISIS caliphate’: Son of Sally Jones ‘still alive’ after ‘White Widow’ killed in US drone

Published time: 15 Nov, 2017 13:01 Syrian sources claim the son of British jihadist Sally Jones, dubbed the ‘White Widow’ by the media, is alive and well. Joe ‘Jojo’ Dixon, 12, was thought to have been killed alongside his mother in a CIA Reaper drone strike in June. Initial reports suggested the British woman used her indoctrinated son as a ...

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