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Trump’s my best mate – Farage balks when accused of being pals with Putin

Who is Putin’s best pal? European Commission First Vice-President Frans Timmermans told the European Parliament that he thinks it’s Nigel Farage. Luckily, Farage quickly corrected him, telling the floor it’s actually Donald Trump. “Do Polish people understand that Mr. Farage who speaks out in support of their government is someone who wants to break up the European Union?” Commissioner Frans ...

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Ex-PM Blair pleads with EU leaders to stop Brexit by changing free movement laws (VIDEO)

Former Prime Minister Tony Blair has called on EU leaders to change migration laws. Widely disliked though never short of an opinion on Brexit, Blair believes Brussels should be doing the work to stop Britain leaving the union. Addressing fellow wonks at the European Policy Centre, a think-tank with links to the European Parliament, Blair urged EU leaders to address ...

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Murderer took selfie after stab frenzy so violent, police thought victim was mauled by an animal

An ex-soldier has been jailed for life after he brutally slashed a total stranger, and abandoned his body in nearby heathland. The attack was so violent that police initially thought the victim had been mauled by an animal. When handing down the life sentence to Alexander Palmer, Justice Goose QC described the 24-year old’s premeditated attack as inflicting “savage and ...

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The Great Russian Bot Panic: Is evidence of no evidence finally changing minds?

There are just the merest signs that common sense may be making a rare appearance in the debate around the Great Russian Bot Panic. Some unlikely sources have even suggested perhaps Russian interference is not behind everything. A mixture of healthy skepticism and a lack of evidence looks to be shifting the debate around just how much influence alleged Russian ...

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‘No UK Prime Minister could ever agree to it’ – May dismisses EU’s N. Ireland plan (VIDEO)

Theresa May has rejected the EU’s plan to include Northern Ireland in a future customs union. “No UK Prime Minister could ever agree to it,” she told Parliament, as it would jeopardize “the constitutional integrity of the UK.” The European Commission’s plan contravenes the Prime Minister’s stance on Northern Ireland. In essence, May’s position is that Northern Ireland will be ...

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Brexiteers round on former PM John Major’s Brexit ‘hypocrisy’ (VIDEO)

In an unusual move, Ex-PM John Major has spoken out against incumbent Theresa May, suggesting MPs could force a second Brexit referendum or outright reject any final deal. Brexiteers were quick to accuse the ex-PM of “hypocrisy.” The former prime minister, noted for his humble Brixton origins, called for MPs to have a “decisive” vote on any final deal negotiated ...

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Boris Johnson throws support behind Saudi prince accused of Yemen human rights abuses

The UK government is throwing its arms open to Crown Prince of Saudi Arabia Mohammed bin Salman, ignoring calls from activists to arrest the royal on entry over his alleged involvement in the human rights atrocities in Yemen. Boris Johnson is among those keen to praise bin Salman ahead of his visit to the UK. In a piece for the ...

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Sex jokes and Corbyn gags – Theresa May turns comedian at Correspondents Dinner

Theresa May cast aside her usually gawky shackles and discovered her comedic side at the Westminster Correspondents Dinner. She took aim at Corbyn, referenced her infamous ‘fields of wheat’ moment, and even slipped in a sex joke. May has faced criticism as prime minister for both her robotic demeanor and her unruly cabinet. Killing two birds with one stone, she ...

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Queen assassination attempt revealed by intelligence docs

A teenager tried to kill Queen Elizabeth II when she visited New Zealand in 1981, released intelligence documents confirmed. The country’s police are now under pressure to open a fresh inquiry into the case. Documents released by the New Zealand Security Intelligence Service (SIS) confirm “severely disturbed” Christopher Lewis, 17, fired his .22 rifle at the British sovereign when she ...

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Grenfell survivor arrested after cannabis oil factory found in burnt out tower

A Grenfell Tower blaze survivor faces jail after a cannabis oil factory was found in the wreckage of the 24-storey building. Eamon Zada, 35, had produced enough cannabis oil to last one user 140 days. Zada was arrested after cannabis production supplies were found among the debris of the cladded north Kensington tower block three weeks after it was ravaged ...

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