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‘It’s just bad PR’: Meet Jerusalem's new UK-born deputy mayor and her controversial opinions

Jerusalem’s new UK-born deputy mayor Fleur Hassan-Nahoum says Israel has an issue with bad PR – and hasn’t done anything to deserve its bad reputation. She is the first British citizen to hold a senior political role in Israel. So who is Fleur Hassan-Nahoum? She is the new deputy mayor of Jerusalem who believes that Israel’s negative global perception is ...

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Black cab rapist’s victims launch crowdfunding campaign to keep him behind bars

Victims of prolific Black cab rapist John Worboys are petitioning to have him kept behind bars. They want to know why the parole board released him so they can challenge the decision. Warboys – who is believed to have sexually assaulted over 100 women – was convicted of 19 offences in 2009. The 60-year-old was ordered to serve at least ...

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Cop bodycam captures moment teen pulls weapon on officer (VIDEO)

Shocking bodycam footage shows the moment a police officer came face-to-face with a gun-brandishing robber. The teen – armed with a fake gun – was jailed for more than two years. West Midlands police officer PC Jemma Follows can be heard saying “what are you doing?” as Reece Lones, 19, pops out of a room and into the hallway of ...

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Uncle ‘kidnapped, raped niece before hiding her body in freezer,’ court hears

An “obsessed” man kidnapped, raped and slit his niece’s throat before hiding her body in a freezer, a court has heard. He allegedly decided if he couldn’t have her, “nobody else could.” A second victim, who cannot be named for legal reasons, was also kidnapped but managed to survive. Builder Mujahid Arshid, 33, is accused of taking the women to ...

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‘We will not be blackmailed’: MEP demands May fight Macron on migrants & money (VIDEO)

French President Emmanuel Macron should be scrambling for ways to ensure a free trade deal with Britain instead of attempting to blackmail the UK into coming up with a deal for migrants and demanding money, an MEP says. In an interview with RT, Janice Atkinson MEP blasted Macron, who is rumored to be coming up with a plan to back ...

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Tories laugh during PMQs… as Jeremy Corbyn presses Theresa May on Carillion collapse

Social media has exploded with outrage, with the Conservative Party accused of “laughing like hyenas” during discussions over collapsing construction giant Carillion, in Wednesday’s Prime Minister’s Questions (PMQs). Multiple Labour MPs took to Twitter to air their disgust after Conservatives MPs took the opportunity to cackle and goof around during Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn’s questions about the Carillion debacle. North ...

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The great Bayeux Tapestry bribe: Macron’s charm offensive to push May into migrant deal

France will seize upon an opportunity presented by Brexit talks to get its way with the UK over the external British border, migrant numbers, and a financial deal for both. Read more President Emmanuel Macron, who has successfully charmed and smarmed for support across the EU has become increasingly popular within the bloc, has spotted an opportunity as the increasingly ...

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‘Our hands remain outstretched’: EU continues to beg Britain to backtrack on Brexit

The choir of EU officials urging Britain to reconsider its decision to leave the bloc is growing. Jean-Claude Juncker added his voice to the crescendo, saying “our hands remain outstretched.” Speaking in the European Parliament on Wednesday, Juncker, president of the European Commission, said: “The UK people, the UK government, may wish to find a different way out.  “We’re very ...

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‘I want to die’: Brit jailed in Egypt for ‘smuggling painkillers’ uses sanitary towels as pillow

A British woman jailed in Egypt for “smuggling painkillers” is being forced to sleep on sanitary towels as she “rots” in a cramped prison cell. She fears that she will “never make it out alive.” Laura Plummer, 33, was sentenced to three years in prison after being found with large amounts of painkillers in her suitcase. Speaking for the first ...

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Labour reports Boris Johnson to statistics watchdog over latest Brexit claim

Labour has complained to the statistics watchdog about Boris Johnson’s claim that even more than £350 million could be clawed back from the EU after Brexit. Johnson is misinforming the public, MP Keir Starmer says. In a letter from Starmer, the shadow Brexit secretary, written to Statistics Authority chair David Norgrove, Starmer says “the £350m a week claim made by the ‘Leave’ ...

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