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You’ve gotta Brie kidding me! ‘Unlimited’ cheese & wine party runs out of cheese, almost sparks riot

Food lovers are cheesed off after what may be the greatest con of 2017. A food festival that promised unlimited cheese and wine ran out of the former – and has since been labelled the UK’s answer to the Fyre Festival. Hundreds of eager Red Leicester lovers descended on Greenwich warehouse Studio 338 on Saturday and Sunday, forking out £30-£40 ...

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Liquify your loved ones? New eco-friendly burials could replace cremation

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 14:47 British families could soon opt to have their late loved ones liquefied and poured down the drain in environmentally friendly sendoffs. The technique is thought to be more efficient than burial or cremation. A council in the West Midlands is hoping to offer resomation – or water cremation. Bodies are submerged in an alkaline ...

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US Air Force Base RAF Mildenhall on lockdown following a ‘security incident’

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 14:27 Edited time: 18 Dec, 2017 14:32 A US Air Force base in the UK is in lockdown after a “significant security incident.” The Ministry of Defence (MoD) confirmed that an incident is currently unfolding at “the entry point of RAF Mildenhall, Suffolk.” Police are responding to reports of a significant incident at RAF Mildenhall, ...

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Britain speaks out as Saudi-led coalition strangles aid route into Yemen

Britain might begin standing up to Saudi Arabia over the Yemen crisis. A top Tory minister signaled London could be losing patience with its major Middle East ally and will begin to lean on Riyadh. The Saudi Kingdom has imposed restrictions which are strangling aid routes into Yemen, in a move which could push the country into the “worst famine ...

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‘Nervous’ Prince Harry interviews Obama for BBC radio

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 12:06 Edited time: 18 Dec, 2017 12:07 Journalism students be warned – there’s a new broadcaster on the beat, and he’s very well connected. Prince Harry will make his journalistic debut after Christmas by interviewing former US President Barack Obama. The prince, who recently announced his engagement to Meghan Markle, is prepared to ask the ...

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Theresa May urged to cling onto power until 2021 to save Brexit, stop Tory collapse

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 10:13 Theresa May is being urged not to resign until close to the next election amid fears a power struggle could spell the end of the Tory party. Conservatives worry a leadership battle would also be disastrous for Brexit negotiations. Senior Tory politicians fear that a pre-2021 resignation could see Brexit and its delicate negotiations ...

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Suspect in British diplomat murder case arrested

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 09:09 A man has been arrested in Lebanon over the death of a British diplomat. Rebecca Dykes’ body was found on the side of a motorway near Beirut on Saturday, and the arrested man is believed to have confessed to murder. Police say it appeared Dykes, who was due to fly home for Christmas on ...

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Gove’s armada: UK fishing stocks to be protected from EU trawlers post-Brexit

Published time: 18 Dec, 2017 08:34 British fishing stocks will be guarded from EU nations’ trawlers by a post-Brexit armada. Environment Secretary Michael Gove will get his own navy to prevent French, Spanish and other boats from fishing illegally in UK waters. Under a new ship-building program, £350 million ($ 467 million) is being spent on four powerful fishery-protection vessels, ...

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UK diplomat found dead in Beirut, murder probe launched – reports

Published time: 17 Dec, 2017 17:42 Edited time: 17 Dec, 2017 17:49 A murder investigation is reportedly under way following the discovery of a female British diplomat’s body in the Lebanese capital, Beirut. The UK Foreign Office has confirmed the death, but has not revealed any further details. The body of Rebecca Dykes was found on the side of a ...

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Boris Johnson breathes new life into ‘Russian meddling’ fairy story – introducing Facebook trolls

With the Russian Brexit meddling story unravelling almost as badly as Brexit itself, Boris Johnson has found a new angle. The latest dead cat to grace the table is a cabal of “Russian trolls” on Facebook. “There’s some evidence that there has been Russian trolling on Facebook,” Johnson said, referring to Brexit, in an interview with the Sunday Times as ...

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