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‘At what cost?’ – George Osborne torn apart by Twitter after hailing austerity’s success

A celebratory tweet from ex-Tory chancellor George Osborne was attacked on Twitter. The now-Evening Standard editor hailed “the national effort” to decrease public spending – he was soon reminded the cost of his “savings.” The UK’s public finances have improved but only after the introduction of major austerity measures, most of which have impacted the poorest in Britain. The deficit ...

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Teach kids how to get pregnant, UK doctors say

Doctors are calling for girls to be taught how to get pregnant in new sex-education classes. NHS figures show that 1 in 7 couples struggles to conceive, which is why educators are being urged to shift the focus from contraception. A coalition of leading doctors, fertility experts and campaigners have told the government that the traditional focus on contraception and ...

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Brexit bore: Theresa May’s blandest speech ever? Boris didn’t listen and Twitter yawned

An almost audible yawn emitted from political pundits across the UK during Theresa May’s latest ‘Road to Brexit’ speech. Not for Foreign Secretary Boris Johnson though, who missed the address completely. Twitter, however, was ablaze with wonder. How can one person say so much without actually saying anything at all? Also, what on Earth was the UK foreign secretary doing ...

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‘We don’t want to go back’ Theresa May warns EU it will not break up British Union (WATCH LIVE)

Theresa May has told the European Union she will not allow a Brexit deal to break up the United Kingdom. As Britain leaves the EU the PM warns she will not be forced into compromise politics at home for the sake of a trade deal. In a long-awaited keynote speech at London’s Mansion House, she said both Britain and the ...

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#ICYMI: It’s Oscars time! Just don’t mention H**vey Weins***n (VIDEO)

It’s that time of year when all the glamour of Hollywood comes together to hand out awards for ever more obscure movies that hardly anyone in the real world actually watches. Just don’t mention H**vey Weins***n. This year’s Oscars extravaganza happens in the shadow of the disgraced movie-mogul. Once regarded as the most powerful producer in Tinseltown, the king and ...

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Watch the sea freeze as ‘Beast from the East’ batters the UK (VIDEO)

It’s so cold in Somerset that the sea is starting to freeze over. Shocking footage of the icy tide has been shared on social media, showing little waves lapping on the sand before freezing solid. The video, captured at Weston-super-Mare, Somerset, has been viewed more than 800,000 times. It was uploaded to social media on Monday. The freezing tide was ...

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‘MI5 under a watchdog’: UK PM offers rare glimpse of Security Service’s illegal activities

Prime Minister Theresa May has made an extremely rare reference to the clandestine criminal activity carried out by MI5. The UK PM confirmed that the British Security Service are being kept under review by a watchdog. In a written statement to Parliament, May mentioned a direction which instructed the Investigatory Powers Commissioner to “keep under review the application of the ...

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Holyrood sex survey reveals over 200 cases of harassment in Scottish parliament

A shocking report has revealed more than 200 cases of sexual harassment in the Scottish parliament. Members of parliament are listed among the accused. In the wake of the Westminster sex scandal, a confidential survey was sent to the entire office in Holyrood. The survey came back with shocking results: 30 percent of women had experienced sexual harassment while working ...

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Theresa May needs a miracle in keynote Brexit speech after a week of attacks

Theresa May could regret planning her (latest) key Brexit speech for a Friday, as it has left the rest of the week free for a whole range of political heavyweights to pre-empt and undermine her. Two former British prime ministers, the Irish leader, the leader of the opposition and the EU’s key negotiators have all offered the current prime minister ...

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Don’t say ‘immigrant’ or ‘postman,’ judges warned in new court language guidance

Political correctness has reached the courtroom, with UK judges now being advised to drop words like ‘immigrant’ and ‘Afro-Caribbean’ to ensure fair trials. The new guidance also suggests being “slow” in imprisoning women. An extract from guidance on appropriate court language argues that in order for there to be “true equality,” judges must adapt the way they address defendants. Judges ...

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