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David Attenborough-themed raves go down a storm as Jungle Boogies sell out

The voice of David Attenborough, the 91-year-old British naturalist and ‘Blue Planet’ narrator, is recognized around the world following the global success of his nature shows, including the wildly popular ‘Planet Earth.’ Now, it’s not just the animal kingdom that can have its every move followed by Attenborough. Enterprising music fans have launched a new club night aptly titled ‘David ...

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‘He likes Czechs’ — May joins right-wing press attack on Corbyn spy claims (VIDEO)

UK Prime Minister Theresa May unleashed a zinger at Prime Minister’s Questions, making the mildly witty observation that Corbyn normally asks for the Government to spend money… adding “I know he likes Czechs.” The Labour Leader responded with a mock yawn. May’s attempt at humor was referencing recent accusations that Corbyn had provided intel to a Czechoslovakian spy in the ...

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Boris Johnson tells German officials that Brexit is a 'mess' – reports

Boris Johnson has found himself in hot water once more after reportedly telling German officials that Brexit was a “mess.” The comment is at odds with his consistently optimistic statements on the UK’s departure from the EU. The gaffe-prone foreign secretary, who famously championed Brexit, has seemingly undermined the cause in a private meeting with German officials held in Berlin, ...

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Number of possible victims in Rotherham child-abuse investigation rises by over 100

The number of possible victims in the Rotherham child sex-abuse scandal has skyrocketed to over 1,500, police say, representing a rise of more than 100 from the number cited in a 2014 report. The National Crime Agency (NCA) is investigating Britain’s biggest ever case of child exploitation. Officers said at Tuesday’s NCA inquiry that there was now 110 “designated suspects” ...

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Terrorists and criminals could weaponize AI in five years, report states

Artificial intelligence (AI) is ripe for exploitation by criminal gangs and terrorists, a stark new report has claimed with experts calling for restrictions to be introduced immediately — before it is too late. Governments could already be plotting to make use of brand new tech, including drones adapted into missiles, fake videos and auto-hacking tools, the Malicious Use of Artificial ...

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Theresa May 'held to ransom’ by Brexiteers' letter of demands

A band of Conservative MPs have compiled a list of their Brexit demands for Prime Minister Theresa May. The letter, which calls for “full regulatory autonomy” has been described by the signatories’ opponents as a “ransom note.” 62 MPs, including Jacob Rees-Mogg and members of the party’s Brexit-backing European Research Group (ERG), have provided Theresa May with a letter outlining ...

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Johnson & Davis are ‘the Messi & Ronaldo' of cabinet – Michael Gove mocked for football comparison

Environment Secretary Michael Gove has been ridiculed on Twitter after comparing fellow cabinet ministers David Davis and Boris Johnson to football stars Lionel Messi and Cristiano Ronaldo. In an interview with the Huffington Post, the Brexiteer dismissed suggestions he was “annoyed” at being not given a chance to deliver his own Brexit speech, a privilege bestowed upon colleagues Davis and ...

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Severely disabled woman left to die after council axes 18 care services just days before Christmas

A severely disabled woman has died after her local council cut her off from 18 care agencies. She was unable to leave her bed to eat, drink, or go to the toilet, but was left to fend for herself only days before Christmas. Southsea woman Anne Savidge’s care services were cut off on December 10 after claims she had verbally ...

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‘Sadistic’ dark web pedophile who made victims ‘eat their feces’ jailed for 32 years

A “warped and sadistic” pedophile who blackmailed his victims into licking toilet seats and self-harming has been jailed for 32 years at Birmingham Crown Court. Cambridge University graduate Matthew Falder admitted 137 offenses against 46 people, including blackmail, voyeurism, making indecent images of children and encouraging the rape of a child. Falder was part of several ‘virtual communities’ of abusers ...

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‘Nonsense’ — Corbyn slams Daily Mail and Sun over spy allegations

Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn has attacked the Sun and the Daily Mail for publishing “nonsense” articles suggesting that he was a spy for the communist Czechoslovakian government. Corbyn’s response came after being asked by a Daily Mail reporter: “Mr Corbyn, you say you want these business leaders to put their trust in you to run the country; how can they ...

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