5 Money Saving Travel Hacks for the Airport

Filed under: Personal Finance, Travel, Shopping, How to Save Money, Vacation Planning ShutterstockAirport kiosks can be money drains. By Mel Bondar I don’t know about you, but for me, the airport is one of my major spending zones. It’s the moment when vacation mentality totally kicks in, whether I’m traveling for business or pleasure. The people who run the airport ...

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Is Cheap Gas Worth the Trip? — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Travel, Savings Experiment, Gas Prices, Did You Know Driving around for cheap gas doesn’t always take your budget the extra mile. Here’s when you should make the trip. If you’re filling up you’re tank and saving 10 cents per gallon, it’s probably worth taking the detour. However, if you’re only filling up the tank half way, and prices ...

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This Trick May Help You Save on Your Next Flight — Savings Experiment

Filed under: Travel, Did You Know Did you know that your browsing history can affect your travel budget? Many travel sites store your browsing information and, in some cases, your zip code, too. Depending on how many times you’ve searched for the same fare, or if you’re browsing from an affluent area, sites can raise prices accordingly. So, how can ...

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Consumer Panel: Airlines Should Disclose Fees, Seat Size

Filed under: Travel, Transportation & Logistics, Travel Industry, Consumer Issues, Airfare Elaine Thompson/AP By Joan Lowy WASHINGTON — Airlines should clearly disclose the cost of change and cancellation fees, as well as the size of the plane’s seats, before a passenger buys a ticket, a federal panel said Tuesday. Hotels should also be required to include any mandatory fees in ...

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Labor Day Drivers to Enjoy Lowest Gas Prices Since 2004

Filed under: Travel, Transportation, Gas Prices, Consumer Issues, Economy Yvonne Hemsey/Getty Images By JONATHAN FAHEY NEW YORK — It has been more than a decade since U.S. drivers paid so little to fuel up for that last road trip of summer. The national average price of gasoline this Labor Day weekend will be its lowest at this time of year ...

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3 Cars That Refuse to Die

Filed under: Personal Finance, Travel, Transportation, Car Buying, Consumer Issues By David Muhlbaum Cars in general have become more reliable over the years. Yet there are always some that just seem to keep rolling along, whistling right past the junkyard. Pinpointing exactly how many miles, on average, any given model has racked up is virtually impossible, but we’ve identified some ...

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Low Gasoline Prices Are Supercharging Fuel Sales

Filed under: Energy, Travel, Transportation, Gas Prices, Consumer Issues Lynne Sladky/AP By John Kemp LONDON — As the summer driving season ends, U.S. gasoline prices have fallen to the lowest level for the time of year since 2004, wiping out the effect of more than a decade of rising fuel bills. The average retail price of gasoline across the United ...

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Gas Price Drops 27 Cents in Past 3 Weeks

Filed under: Travel, Transportation, Gas Prices, Consumer Issues, Economy Shutterstock By David Henry The average price of a gallon of gasoline in the United States fell 27 cents in the past three weeks as refiners and retailers gave up some of their profits margins to sell more fuel, according to the Lundberg survey released Sunday. Regular grade gasoline fell to ...

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The Path to Early Retirement: Cars and Bikes

Filed under: Green, Personal Finance, Travel, Transportation, How to Save Money Shutterstock I’m not one to think too much about retirement. Some of my money-blogging friends have their sites on full retirement by 35. I’m not one of those people. I like my work. I like the people I’ve met through what I do. And I would be doing some ...

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Cheap Airfares? Fall Deals Aren’t for Reasons You’d Expect

Filed under: Energy, Travel, Travel Industry, Airfare, Vacation Planning David McNew/Getty ImagesPassengers departing from some markets are paying less for airfare than they did a year ago. By Eric Reed NEW YORK — Don’t believe the hype. Airfare may be going down, but prices in the skies haven’t caught up with those at the pump by a long shot. It’s ...

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