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New Euro President to force EU members to SHARE asylum seeker numbers

Mr Tajani, who was voted in as the new president to replace Martin Schulz, will put migration rules at the top of his to-do list, as well as Brexit negotiations and rescuing EU trade policy as deals are in a dire state. The Italian politician, from the centre-right European People’s Party group – headed by Jean-Claude Juncker, is an ex-European ...

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'I will always love her' says girl, 18, about woman who kidnapped her as a baby

The 18-year-old was raised as Alexis Manigo in South Carolina, USA, after Gloria Williams snatched her from a Florida hospital when she was eight-hours-old. Although Alexis found out two years ago that Williams had kidnapped her, authorities only unravelled the mystery last weekend. The teenager, real name Kamiyah Mobley, said she wanted the 51-year-old to be forgiven for her “mistake”.  ...

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Trump's Russian relations may cause 'friction with Europe', British think-tank claims

Experts at London-based Chatham House believe the President-elect’s push for closer ties with Russia will create “friction” with the US’s European allies. The ‘America’s International Role Under Donald Trump’ report claimed the Republican’s unwillingness to support the established international liberal order means “he is likely to offer them [European allies] significantly less support than did previous Presidents”. It adds: “At ...

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OBAMA OUT! Luxury possessions moved out of the White House ahead of Trump's inauguration

With Donald Trump set to take over the presidency on Friday, removal vans were seen transporting furniture to the upmarket Kalorama neighbourhood in Washington DC where Barack and Michelle Obama have rented a new home. The luxury 8,200 square-foot property has eight bedrooms and nine bathrooms and is worth an estimated £3.4million ($ 4.3million), according to reports. Ivanka Trump, the ...

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'NATO's helped terrorism THRIVE' German MP backs Trump's criticism of military alliance

The President-elect has blasted Nato on several occasions through the Presidential campaign, citing that only five of the 28 countries paid the required two per cent of GDP agreed upon by member nations. Wolfgang Gehrke agreed with Trump’s damning criticism of Nato and claimed the alliance had made the world a more unstable place. The Bundestag MP said: “Of course, ...

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Psychic Uri Geller really DID have 'SPECIAL POWERS', declassified CIA test results reveal

Geller was taken to the Stanford Research Institute in 1972 as the US intelligence service tried to understand the Israeli’s telekinetic abilities. He was placed alone in a sealed room while experimenters took random words from the dictionary and drew a related sketch. The psychic then had to try to match the image – and some of his efforts were ...

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'I'll rewrite the history books' AfD demands Germany stops apologising for the Holocaust

GETTY Björn Höcke said Germany has been made to look Björn Höcke over Hilter’s rule Björn Höcke of the Alternative for Germany (AfD) party also pledged to rewrite the history books insisting Germany was the victim of a “war crime” during the Second World War. And he said, ahead of a party summit on Europe, that the country has been ...

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RADICAL ISLAMIST ATTACKS are the biggest threat to Sweden this year, report claims

Following devastating terror attacks in Berlin and Istanbul in recent months, Swedish officials are concerned copycat attacks could be carried out as nations around Europe are put on red-alert. ISIS are believed to be the main security threat to Sweden but there is an increased threat from individual radicalised Islamists who do not belong to terror cults, the report carried ...

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Russia publishes COMIC BOOK in bid to teach migrants how to integrate amid rising tensions

Moscow has seen a backlash of xenophobia following an influx of migrants arriving from other central Asian countries over the last few years. Many migrants arriving are working in construction and the service sector, while some are not proficient in Russian, leading to social tension. The comic book aims to teach foreigners what is expected of them when they arrive ...

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Stars shun Donald Trump’s invitation to perform at his 'elegant' inauguration concert

But some will not be theres to witness the moment the billionaire businessman makes his solemn pledge before entering the Oval Office. Dozens of Democratic politicians have said they will boycott the Republican’s swearing in, while thousands of protestors are expected to march the next day. The inauguration concert after the ceremony will feature lesser-known acts including rock band 3 ...

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