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Europe at risk of INVASION FROM PUTIN if Trump pulls troops from continent, general warns

Ben Hodges, the Commander of the US Army in Europe, stressed Putin would be ready to “exploit” America’s “vulnerability” and “weakness” once they pulled out from the treaty. The Commander’s comments emerged days after the newly-inaugurated leader used his inauguration address to say America had “defended other nation’s borders while refusing to defend” their own. During an event held by ...

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Europe MUST BOOST military spending after Donald Trump's election, Francois Fillon claims

The centre-right Les Républicains candidate – who has been likened to France’s answer to Thatcher – met with Angela Merkel on Monday, who also supports such plans. Fillon said: “Trump’s [inauguration speech]… should make it clear to us that the Americans are withdrawing. He added: “I propose a European defence alliance. Europe is warned. It must therefore organise itself in ...

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New world order? Top Merkel ally says Trump’s election marks end of ‘the old world’

Frank-Walter Steinmeier, a key ally of Chancellor Angela Merkel, warned of “troubled times ahead” and “global disorder”. He did, however, say Germany would work together with the USA – despite their obvious hostility towards the business mogul. Mr Steinmeier said: “As always with all power changes there are uncertainties, doubts and question marks about the course of the new leadership. ...

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Outrage as two euro coin with Nazi swastika and SS symbols found in Germany

Restaurant employee, Marvin Schramm, found the coin as he was dividing the tips between his colleagues when he noticed an unusual two-euro coin. On the front of the coin, there was an imperial eagle and a swastika.  On the back, in the middle of the federal eagle’s chest, a double so-called runic insignia, the sign of Hitler’s Secret Service, was ...

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'Get out if you don't like it here' Dutch PM issues stark warning ahead of election

“Act normal, or go away”, he has told his country in a message seen as a bid to take on the anti-immigration Freedom party. The country’s leader, who is fighting to win March’s election for his right-wing liberal VVD party, gave the stark warning in full-page adverts across the country’s daily papers. Mr Rutte, speaking in a follow-up interview with ...

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BREAKING: Pilot dead after plane crashes at airport

At least one person is dead after a small aircraft crashed at Tucson International Airport (TIA). Airport spokeswoman Jessie Butler said a small private aircraft was involved but that commercial flights had not been affected. The crash triggered a fire and massive cloud of black smoke. The Tucson Fire Department responded to help rescuers. The plane was a twin-engine Beechcraft ...

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US and Russia VS ISIS: Trump would team up with Putin to fight terror, says White House

The US President will work with Russia “or anyone else” America has a “shared national interest in” to beat the terrorist group, his press secretary told reporters on Mr Trump’s first business day as leader. Sean Spicer said the President would only send troops and money into a country if it benefitted the US economically as well as on the ...

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World's most tragic tale? Baby born with rare disease REJECTED by her mother as CURSED

The 28-year-old woman, who refused to reveal her identity, gave birth to the girl at a government-run hospital in Patna district of Bihar, in eastern India yesterday. Within hours of the news of the bizarre looking girl’s birth broke, scores of locals flocked to the hospital to have a glimpse of her. Doctors were forced to intervene to remove the ...

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Is the EU's TTIP now under threat? Donald Trump scraps controversial TPP trade deal

In an Oval Office ceremony, Mr Trump called the order a “great thing for the American worker.” The move will now raise fears in Brussels the TTIP deal, promoting cross-Atlantic trade with the EU, could also be under threat. The TPP agreement was a huge part of former president Barack Obama’s eight-year term, with the long-negotiated deal covering 40 per ...

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AMERICA’S BREXIT? Trump's new bill could pull USA out of United Nations in funding row

Proposed by congressman Mike Rogers, the American Sovereignty Restoration Act also seeks a complete withdrawal from membership of the World Health Organisation. And Republicans have even demanded the UN remove its headquarters from New York in a shocking blow to global relations. Doing so would mean repealing the United Nations Participation Act of 1945, which was enacted just months after ...

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