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BANKING WARNING: Computers of financial institutes around the world attacked by hackers

Researchers at Kaspersky Lab, a computer security company, have revealed that they have re-detected malware that has infected networks belonging to 140 banks as well as other companies. Kaspersky has said that this malware is able to remain invisible and the attackers have covered their tracks by wiping their activity from the machine’s memory before it is rebooted.  It hides ...

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Violent demonstration erupts in Italy as students clash with riot police in shocking clip

The brutal scenes unfolded on Thursday as activists raged against the education institution for putting in turnstiles at the library entrance to limit access.  Riot police rushed to the scene after being called by university staff after some employees were reportedly injured during the scuffle, which started inside the humanities department’s library. The demonstrators tried to barricade themselves in using ...

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SWEDEN'S 'NO-GO ZONE' CRISIS: Three police officers injured after being ATTACKED by thugs

Officers in Sweden’s capital were on patrol in the suburb of Rinkeby when they are set upon by a group of 20-30 thugs.  Police spokeswoman Eva Nilsson said the sickening attack on her colleagues happened after they stopped to search an individual at around 11pm. Moments later the mob appeared and started hitting, kicking and throwing bottles and glass at ...

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'Secure the US border!' Canada struggles to cope with refugee surge – from Trump's America

Growing numbers of refugees are fleeing across the US border to Canada after growing fears over Donald Trump’s immigration policies. Many of them, who have fled wars in the Middle East and Africa, are risking frostbite and freezing conditions to reach America’s northern neighbour. While the US President Donald Trump has made a tough stance on immigration, Canadian Prime Minster ...

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MERKEL'S EU DIVIDE: Germany to clamp down on benefit tourism from European countries

The reforms are aimed at those who work in Germany, but send money back to their home country to care for their children. A Polish citizen living and working in Germany, for instance, but claiming benefits for a child in Poland would see their cash halved from £163 to £81. The cuts are inspired by the deal David Cameron was ...

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'Don't erase our past!' Tourists SLAM 'stupid' demands to remove colonial statues

The monument in question is the Marine Denkmal, erected in 1908, to commemorate soldiers who helped crush a rebellion against German colony rule. Activists recently covered the monument in red paint to symbolise the spilled blood of their people. Many are furious that the monument fails to mention the tens of thousands of Herero people who died during the rebellion. ...

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‘A clear provocation’ Ukraine’s war games near Crimea border sparks fears of new conflict

Kiev announced plans to carry out a series of 25 military exercises in Kherson Oblast, a town on the border of Russian Crimea.  The live-fire drills are aimed at simulating an invasion and will see soldiers test out its Buk self-propelled, medium-range surface-to-air missiles. Tactical operations held under tense conditions with the intensive use of air targets have already been ...

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GERMANY IN CHAOS: Reports of series of arsons while refugee centre also goes up in flames

The central European country has been blighted by a series of devastating fires in recent months, many of which have been blamed on migrants. Now another two blazes have been reported in the last week. On Friday morning, a refugee centre in Neustadt was set ablaze, spreading to the roof being being extinguished. The cause of the fire is still ...

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Big One fears after powerful 6.5 magnitude earthquake hits Ring of Fire

More than 100 people are also injured after the quake hit the island of Mindanao in the Philippines. Provincial disaster management officer Ramon Gotinga said that most of those killed had died due to falling objects. A bridge and hotel collapsed, with power and water supplies to parts of Surigao cut off. Regional civil defence chief Rosauro Arnel Gonzales said ...

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Prisoner jailed for raping his own daughter gets raped himself by cell mate for a MONTH

The Chinese man, 35, was savagely raped by his Moroccan cell mate, 44, in Prato prison, Italy. But in bizarre twist of fate, the alleged child abuser, endured the horrific sexual assault for a month. According to reports, the Chinese man became so distressed that he complained about the sexual abuse he’d been facing to the prison service on January ...

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