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BREAKING: Donald Trump hails Brexit as chance for Britain to 'TAKE BACK CONTROL'

Speaking to supporters at a major rally in Melbourne, Florida, Trump said the incredible movement of populism which was “sweeping” the United States is also “sweeping the globe”. The 70-year-old said: “You’re all part of this incredible movement. This movement that’s been written about on every magazine all over the world. “A movement that is sweeping across our country, it’s ...

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BREAKING: Donald Trump tears into 'FAKE NEWS' media at rally in Melbourne, Florida

He said: “I want to speak to you without out the filter of the fake news – the dishonest media that has published one fake story after another. They don’t get it but they’re starting to get it, I can tell you – they are part of the corrupt system. “When the media lies to people, I will never let ...

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Russia 'planned to ASSASSINATE European leader and overthrow government' – shock claims

Getty Russian intelligence officers, backed by the Kremlin, planned to kill PM Milo Ðjukanović – claims Intelligence officers, supported by the Kremlin, plotted the attack on the day of the eastern European nation’s elections in a bid to destroy the pro-Western leader’s plans for Montenegro to join Nato, senior Whitehall sources told the Telegraph. The coup plot was halted just ...

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Arrested Romanian beggar complains officers never offered him CAKE and a FAG

Police were called to a residential street in the town of Vocklabruck, to reports of a man knocking on doors and becoming aggressive when approached. A good samaritan called the police after he tried to speak to the beggar, who spoke little German.  The beggar instead hurled a volley of insults in Romanian at him, becoming aggressive and telling him ...

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Sweden’s two year U-Turn: How Liberals' refugee policy turned public AGAINST migrants

GETTY Protests against migrants have been happening more and more over the past two years Fears of Swedes losing their culture and identity has fuelled a rise in anti-migrant sentiment, after 163,000 people arrived in the country in last year. Sweden has been the poster child for openness and toleration for decades but that has changed in just two years, ...

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Angela Merkel says EU must accept MORE refugees as Islam is NOT a source of terror

The German Chancellor launched a staunch defence of her controversial refugee policy which allowed more than 1.1million migrants into the country in 2015, prompting protests and social upheaval. Speaking at the Munich Security Conference today, she said the bloc as a whole has a duty to accept even more refugees. During the wide-ranging speech, she also said Islam is not ...

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'I will not submit!' Marine Le Pen REFUSES to grovel to Merkel and EU in swipe at elite

Marine Le Pen continued her fight for the French Presidency, as she laid her policies to put her country’s sovereignty first and foremost. In a rallying cry to a crowd in Clairvaux-Les-Lacs, Ms Le Pen said she will not bow down to Angela Merkel and Jean-Claude Juncker. She said that for too long nationals leaders had to ask for permission ...

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Angela Merkel admits euro’s FAILURES as she hints at bringing Deutsche Mark BACK

In a telling statement issued during the visit of US vice-president Mike Pence to Munich, Frau Merkel revealed even she is becoming concerned with the European wide currency. And amid calls for the Deutsche Mark to be returned in her native Germany she said the ECB’s policy is not geared towards her country and benefits other member states. The 63-year-old ...

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BREAKING: Turkish Airlines flight to Toronto evacuated as bomb threat note found in toilet

The Boeing 777-300, which was just about to set off for Toronto, was already taxiing down the runway at Istanbul’s Ataturk Airport when the note was found. It read in English: “I am coming to you with Toronto bomb.” The flight, which was due to depart at 3.30pm local time (12.30pm GMT), was dramatically halted and turned back to the ...

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Geert Wilders attacks 'Moroccan scum' in election campaign launch while LEADING in polls

Amid tight security, Mr Wilders made a rare public appearence in his Freedom Party’s stronghod of Spijkenisse, where he shook hands with supporters and posed for photographs. Opponents of the far-right candidate – who has promised to shut down mosques and ban the Koran – stood holding placards bearing pro-immigrant slogans.  Mr Wilders told the crowd: “There is a lot of Moroccan ...

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