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'Not WWIII' US Navy statement after test firing of two Trident missiles shocks witnesses

Some people were even left convinced they may have witnesses an alien UFO. Videos of the bizarre sight over California yesterday were uploaded to social media and even sent to investigators at the Mutual UFO Network (MUFON) as a possible alien sighting. The footage shows from various locations a bright point in the sky with a beam of light radiating ...

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PARIS RIOTS: ‘Staggered’ Marine Le Pen launches petition to SUPPORT under fire police

Leader of the eurosceptic party, Marine Le Pen, put the petition on Twitter urging her followers to sign it and she used the hashtag #JesoutiensLaPolice, which means ‘I back the police’.  The petition aims to support the police in France and has slammed the government for not doing enough about the riots, which have created chaos across the city. Anti-police ...

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BREAKING: Trump dismisses Russia link as 'NONSENSE' attempt to hide Clinton errors

Mr Trump took to Twitter this lunchtime to rule out a link between Washington and Vladimir Putin – before directly warning the Russian leader things would be different during his presidency.  He said: “This Russian connection non-sense is merely an attempt to cover-up the many mistakes made in Hillary Clinton’s losing campaign.” Eleven minutes later he added: “Information is being illegally given ...

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WE DON’T WANT IT! CETA protesters block EU Parliament to STOP Canada trade deal

Armed with banners emblazoned with the the slogan “The more you insist, the more we resist” and a giant Trojan Horse balloon, campaigners lined the streets outside the European Parliament to protest against the Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA).  Some of the protestors, wearing all-white boiler suits, lay on the ground, which meant those entering the building would have ...

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PARIS RIOTS: Tourists ordered to STAY AWAY after rioters ATTACK coach trip

Tourists stuck in traffic were threatened with a glass bottle before being mugged, with the gang of youths then trying to set fire to the coach. After the muggers fled, the driver finally managed to get the coach moving and reach the hotel in the Saint-Denis neighbourhood.  Paris has been gripped by a series of protests since a police officer ...

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ALL OVER FOR EU? France trusts Brussels even LESS than Britain does, shock survey reveals

Front National leader Marine Le Pen has threatened to pull France out of the EU if she wins the upcoming presidential election – and the survey suggests a large number of French voters wish to leave the bloc and are unhappy with Francois Hollande’s government.  The survey of 1,001 French adults found “8 in 10 French people do not trust ...

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EU urged to use ‘NUCLEAR OPTION’ to quell Poland’s ‘threat to European values’

Philippe Dam, HRW’s advocacy director for Europe, said Polish criticism of mass migration and Soros-backed human rights groups has urged Brussels to use Article 7 of the EU treaty to “send a clear signal to Poland’s president and prime minister that respect for human rights is not negotiable”. Triggering Article 7 – a previously unused legal mechanism – would result ...

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WORLD WAR 3: Putin’s aggression prompts Spain to bolster Nato forces with MORE resources

GETTY Spain, PM Rajoy right, announces plans to bolster Nato’s defence as Putin increases aggression According to the Latvian information agency LETA, Spain is planning to send six tanks, a dozen armoured vehicles along with 350 troops to Latvia to join Nato’s battalion led by Canadian forces. At least 16 armoured vehicles will reportedly accompany six new Leopard 2e tanks ...

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Russia denies US claims of ‘unprofessional & unsafe’ military activity in the Black Sea

Captain Danny Alexander, a spokesman for the US European Command, suggested Russian jets had come too close to US warships as they patrolled the Black Sea last Friday. Two of the incidents involved supersonic Su-24 attack jets, while the other flyby was allegedly made by an IL-38 maritime patrol aircraft. Speaking to Sputnik, US Defence Department spokesperson Michelle Baldanza said: ...

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Hungary to recruit THOUSANDS of ‘BORDER-HUNTERS’ to defend Serbian fence from migrants

Several high quality marketing videos showing border agents in helicopters and speed boats have been released to attract applicants by the nation’s border agency force. Viktor Orban the Hungarian Prime Minister told successful applicants they will “protect Hungary’s borders, Hungarian homes and be defending Europe”. He said: “There is no terrorism here, there is no mass violence, there are no ...

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