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Obamas head to Richard Branson’s island – months after Virgin owner furious Trump blast

Billionaire businessman Richard Branson allowed the Obamas to stay on his private Caribbean Island- Necker. A private jet took the 44th president and wife Michelle, along with their children, late on Monday night before they arrived in the British Virgin Islands. One-Hundred staff serve families on Necker who pay £64,000 per night for the luxurious stay. Virgin Limited Edition – ...

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Donald Trump shows his internationalism extending invitation to Indian Prime Minister

In its readout of the conversation, the White House said the two leaders also discussed security in South and Central Asia. The region includes Afghanistan, where U.S. troops are still battling Taliban militants, and Pakistan. The two leaders “resolved that the United States and India stand shoulder to shoulder in the global fight against terrorism,” according to the readout that ...

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Islamic terrorists 'stashed more than £11,000 among gravestones at famous Paris cemetery'

The “gun money” – to be used for buying Kalashnikov rifles and ammunition – was hidden in a crack in a grave at the Montparnasse cemetary, officers said. The €13,300 stuffed into an envelope was found after an undercover officer managed to infiltrate a terror cell last year by posing as a jihadi. An Islamic State leader in Syria told ...

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Syrian families given cash cards of benefits made up of YOUR money to hit 200,000 by June

The controversial scheme, under which Syrians who fled their war-ravaged homeland are given about £21 a month, forms the central plank of a £2.5billion aid package from European states that was thrashed out with Turkey at the height of the migrant crisis last March. Humanitarian aid programmes are still be carried out despite rows between Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan ...

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Trump Muslim ban: What countries is Trump banning?

Which Muslim countries is Trump banning? The President will temporarily restrict immigration for refugees and some visa holders from Iraq, Iran, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria and Yemen, congressional aides and immigration experts have said. The ban is expected to last for several months and will reportedly block all refugees from the seven nations from entering the US until a more ...

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‘His actions may be surprising’ Elon Musk claims Trump team will be GOOD on climate change

The SpaceX and Tesla founder was initially an outspoken opponent of Mr Trump and his campaign but when the property magnate and reality TV star won the race to the White House he indicated an interest in working with him. Mr Musk has was a guest at the new president’s initial “tech summit” at Trump tower and a number of ...

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'Donald Trump's DOOMED to fail' EU goes head to head with US with HUGE attack on President

European Union Trade Commissioner, Cecilia Malmstrom, came to the defence of the bloc’s policies insisting Mr Trump’s ideas on trade and migration “will not work”.  She said: “Those who in the 21st century think that we can become great again by rebuilding borders, reimposing trade barriers and restricting people’s freedom to move, they are doomed to fail.” Saying that Brussels ...

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BREAKING: Terror attack as gunmen storm city centre hotel following two explosions

Gunmen have stormed the hotel in the Somalian city of Mogadishu, police confirmed. The horrifying incident is expected to involve a suicide car bomber at the gate of the popular building. MPs, foreign journalists and photographers are believed to be among the injured. One blast was followed by a second explosion before loud fire was heard and police heard reports ...

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Nuclear sub CRASH off UK coast ‘could have triggered WORLD WAR 3’, CIA documents reveal

The crash between nuclear US and Soviet submarines near Glasgow could have “triggered explosions” but was hidden by President Ford’s US Government at the time. The alarming incident is explained in a secret US military cable which former President Ford’s national security adviser – Brent Scrowcroft – sent to Henry Kissinger, the then US Secretary of State titled “Secret Eyes ...

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BARKING MAD: Kim Jong-un’s grandfather demanded DOG MEAT EVERY DAY, CIA documents reveal

Kim Il-sung, the first supreme leader of North Korea, enjoyed dog meat stuffed with chicken at least twice per day and the CIA documents brands the dish his “favourite food”. In fact, his love for dog meat was so great that it was rumoured to be the reason behind his increasing obesity, the CIA document claims. The document states: “Kim ...

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